Cheribundi Partners with Sports Teams to Promote Tart Cherry Juice

cherribundi everything-prCheribundi has chosen college and professional sports teams for its marketing campaign to promote its cherry juice. 60 such sports team will be offering their players tart cherry juice as a result of this partnership with Cheribundi.

The products seems to be already very famous among athletes, as Alabama, LSU, University of Oregon, Florida State, and Oklahoma, top National Collegiate Athletic Association football teams already are using it. The juice is also used by 14 of the top 25-ranked teams and other college teams in USA.

“The benefits of tart cherry juice are real and Cheribundi tastes great, and this combination creates a great opportunity to reach consumers who have an unmet need,” said Brian Ross, Cheribundi CEO. “Oregon Chai and Izze were both new and exciting and delicious, but there were no specific health benefits attached. What is different here is that not only do we have great taste, but we have amazing health benefits to offer.”

Tangy Montmorency cherries, the main ingredient of the juice, are very useful in reducing muscle and joint pain after intense exercise, as studies have shown. The juice is thus used by a number of college and pro athletes from a number of sports. Some of the athletes that participated in the recent Olympic Games stated they have drunk it after a competition and have had great results.

The professional teams that endorse Cheribundi’s juice are National Basketball Association’s New York Knicks, the National Football League’s Pittsburgh Steelers, New England Patriots, St. Louis Rams and the Dallas Cowboys, and Philadelphia Phillies.

The marketing campaign that promotes this cherry juice includes, beside endorsements, event sampling at various athletic competitions. Also, large billboards promoting the juice will be placed on the basketball and football stadiums of the University of Colorado, as part of a sponsorship offered to the university.

Muscle and joint pains are not something anyone would enjoy, and athletes go the extra mile when exercising in order to stand a chance at gold medals in competitions, thus increasing their chances of suffering from such pains. Tart cherry juice seems to be really useful in relieving these pains, as it has, according to experts, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, and contains melatonin, also known as a natural sleep aid, Vitamin A, iron, potassium and calcium.

The campaign idea of partnering with sport teams is indeed a good guerrilla marketing idea as it focuses exactly on their main target – and big teams from that audience!

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