City of Columbus Issues Marketing RFP

City of Columbus Issues Marketing RFP
City of Columbus Issues Marketing RFP

The contract resulting from this bid proposal will provide branding and messaging for maternal child health home visiting services. CelebrateOne will provide background, available research, and access to local home visiting providers. Bidders are required to show experience in providing similar branding and messaging as detailed in these specifications.

Prenatal Home visiting is delivered in Franklin County by more than 18 providers, including a number of independent agencies, Columbus Public Health, Action For Children/Help Me Grow, and area hospitals coordinated through Nationwide Children’s Hospital. Home visiting providers use one of several different home visiting models, including Nurse Family Partnership and Healthy Families America.

The purpose of creating a common home visiting brand is threefold:

                1. To rebrand “home visiting”, which families often associate with child protective services or intrusive government visits, and use a common name and brand to refer generally to the service of home visiting across all providers and models.

                2. To introduce prenatal home visiting Franklin County families and increase enrollment.

                3. To refer families in Franklin County to one common central intake for home visiting that serves as the front door for any prenatal home visiting service in the county. Central intake is run by Action For Children, which manages the home visiting database and can refer eligible families to any county home visiting provider for which they are eligible.

In this contract, CelebrateOne and providers want to have:

                1. Collective name that links all home visiting services and aligns with the CelebrateOne brand

                2. Brand (look) and brand guidelines

                3. Elevator speech/script

                4. Message strategy for providers at various levels of outreach (ex. clinicians, home visitors, community health workers)

                5. Printable card, brochure or something similar with room to add individual agency brands


Each year, more than 130 babies die in Franklin County before reaching their first birthday. Over 2,000 more are born prematurely. The goal of CelebrateOne is to utilize communication tools and strategies to educate and inform families about why and how to access certified prenatal home visiting services that can support healthy pregnancy, parenting, and child development. A disproportionate number of families from target zip codes/neighborhoods are impacted by premature births and infant mortality. Franklin County’s African American families are also disproportionately impacted by infant mortality, experiencing an infant mortality rate 2.5 times higher than non-Hispanic white families in Columbus. Therefore, resources and tools must be geared towards these geographic and cultural communities.

Scope of Work:

The City of Columbus, the Mayor’s Office of CelebrateOne, is seeking proposals to establish a contract to develop a culturally-informed advertising campaign that promotes enrollment in maternal and child health home visiting services in Franklin County for pregnant women and families with an infant up to four months of age. The creative development for the campaign will include developing branding for the system of home visiting services throughout Franklin County.

Due Date:

July 3, 2019


Applications must be submitted electronically through the City of Columbus DAX vendor system. On the site, select ‘Business > Vendor Services’ from the drop down menu.

Agencies with relevant experience includes Hotwire PR and Spark PR.

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