City of Evanston Issues Graphic Design RFP

City of Evanston Issues Graphic Design RFP

The City of Evanston, WY is seeking photography, videography and graphic design services to complete a comprehensive economic marketing project. The majority of existing photographs, videos and brochures of the Evanston community are outdated, scarce and lacking professional quality. Therefore, the city requires colorful, high-resolution and dynamic photographs of numerous public spaces, including business parks, ball fields, city entrances, schools, etc. In addition, the city requires between three and five brief videos of the community showcasing the area’s business environment, tourism/heritage and quality of life aspects. Finally, the city needs a print/digital marketing brochure or pamphlet template, which can easily be updated and altered with various statistics/data of the community and region. These three primary deliverables will be utilized in various marketing materials, websites and social media forums, allowing the city to more effectively promote the community’s economic, cultural and recreational opportunities to both businesses and visitors.


The City of Evanston is located in the far southwest corner of Wyoming, just four (4) miles from the Utah state line, 79 miles east of Salt Lake City, UT, 100 miles west of Rock Springs, WY and 190 miles south of Jackson Hole, WY and Grand Teton National Park. Evanston is nestled in the Bear River Valley with the Uinta/Wasatch Mountains just a short 30-minute drive to the south. The community of approximately 12,000 citizens is renowned for its railroad heritage (Historic Roundhouse & Railyards, Depot Square, Downtown), distinctive events and celebrations (Celtic Festival, Bluegrass Festival, Wyoming Downs horse race track, rodeos, Brew Fest), and local and nearby recreational opportunities (skiing, fishing, golfing, fossil digging). With more than 300 days of sunshine annually, small town charm, innovative spirit and Western warmth, Evanston provides its citizenry and visitors alike with an unparalleled quality of life.

Evanston has a diverse economy primarily based in energy (natural gas, oil, coal), healthcare (Wyoming State Hospital, Evanston Regional Hospital), and transportation/construction. The city has an expanding manufacturing base (Mitsubishi Chemical, Union Tank Car, Clean Energy Cryogenics), as well as, a growing green/alternative energy sector (wind and solar farms). The city also has a vibrant historic downtown with one-of-a-kind shops, restaurants and experiences (Home Décor, Ana’s On Main, Isolvu Escape Room). Evanston possesses high quality educational opportunities, too, with two high, two middle and four elementary schools. In addition, Western Wyoming Community College has a satellite campus offering a wide range of vocational and university level programs.

Scope of Work:

1. Create professional high resolution (digital) color photographs of several public spaces, including, but not limited to the following: Historic Roundhouse & Railyards (exterior and interior), Bear River State Park, Union Center Business Park, Overthrust Ball Fields, Historic Depot Square (exterior and interior), Hotel Evanston (exterior and interior), Bear River Greenway (ice ponds and pavilion), Evanston Cultural Center at the Strand Theatre (exterior and interior), Wyoming State Hospital (historic campus), Recreation Center (exterior and interior), Schools (2 high schools, 2 middle, 4 elementary, 1 community college satellite campus) (interior and exterior), Landscape: Uinta-Wasatch Mountain range, wind turbines, streetscape of Evanston, downtown (general, no specific photos of businesses/companies) (exterior only), community entrances, transportation (Railroad, Interstate 80, Regional Airport), housing developments, etc.

2. Create three (3) to five (5), 30 second to one-minute videos showcasing Evanston’s attractions and economic development attributes. More specifically, the city requests videos that concentrate on the community’s overall appeal, business development aspects, tourism/heritage and quality of life.

3. The creation of a marketing brochure design template of the City of Evanston utilizing the professional photographs and/or stills of the video footage developed in tasks 1 and 2 and the city’s current logo.

The chosen firm will be responsible for acquiring the proper permission (if needed) to photograph and/or video specific sites and locations in the area. Additionally, the firm will work closely with city staff and other community team members in creating the photographs, videos and brochure.

Design Requirements

                1. All photographs will be delivered in 300 dpi (high resolution) or greater, full-color (CMYK/RGB) and provided in file types that can be utilized for print or on the Web (jpg, TIFF, etc.).

                2. Videos must be high definition (HD) quality, full-colour and be able to be used in multiple video and social media platforms (Web, Facebook, email, etc.). Videos should include music and creative graphics and be no more than two (2) minutes in length. The video must also be able to   be reduced in size without sacrificing quality.

                3. The brochure template will be adaptable and provided in formats allowing for alterations, as                 required. The brochure will include a print-ready and a digital version.

                4. The photographs, video and brochure must be consistent and cohesive with one another. All fonts, graphics, color palettes, design elements, etc., should be similar and unified in each segment of the project.

Due Date:

January 18th, 2019.


Agencies with strong relevant capabilities includes Zeno group and Edelman PR.

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