CITY OF PHILADELPHIA REQUEST FOR Recruitment Creative Marketing Campaign PROPOSALS

DUE DATE: 1/18/2023

Scope of Work

A. Project Details

The Department’s objectives for this project are outlined below in the Services and Tangible

Work Products.

The Applicant’s proposed scope of work should address each objective specifically and describe

in detail how the Applicant will achieve the objective, or how the Applicant will enable the

Department to achieve the objective.

This Section II, Scope of Work states requirements for the project, including the services and the

tangible work products to be delivered, and the tasks the Department has identified as necessary

to meet those requirements. The Department reserves the right, however, to modify specific

requirements, based on changed circumstances (such as a change in business or technical

environments), the proposal selection process, and contract negotiations with the Applicant(s)

selected for negotiations, and to do so with or without issuing a revised RFP. The Applicant

must provide in its proposal a detailed proposed scope of work showing how it will meet the

project requirements stated in this Section II.

B. Services and Tangible Work Products:

The Department’s objectives for this project include the following:

Task 1 Listening Sessions / Focus Group

  • An estimated three sessions total per our target audience to provide insight into
  • pre-existing views and opinions for the perception of the Philadelphia Police
  • Department
  • Target the 18–24-year-old age groups
  • Involve the use of a moderator
  • Create an action plan report
  • Determine if a new target audience needs to be developed
  • Use Listening Session outcome as a basis for campaign creation 3 Revised: October 2020 (3/22)

Task 2 Creative Development

  • Bolster the Philadelphia Police Department’s recruitment outreach with a refreshed external marketing campaign (print and digital)
  • Create a new Recruitment slogan
  • Target various ages and demographics (women, local) focusing on residents and target ages.
  • Task 3 Recruitment Video/Social Series
  • Create digital videos and a social media campaign that will make a memorable, human connection with viewers
  • Disseminate the new external messaging to our target audience.

Task 4 Advertising Buys

  • Create and oversee advertising buys per campaign needs

The Department requires completion and delivery of at least the tangible work products listed.

The proposed scope of work should state in detail how the Applicant will produce each work

product, including the personnel/job titles (as identified in Section F, Organizational and

Personnel Requirements), that will be responsible for delivering the work product. For each

work product, the Applicant should propose criteria for satisfactory completion and delivery.

Applicants may propose additional or revised tangible work products, but should explain why

each is necessary to achieve the project objectives.

C. Hours and Location of Work:

Recruitment Unit

Philadelphia Public Services Building

400 North Broad Street, 4 th Floor, Suite 112

Philadelphia, PA 19130

Business Hours: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

C. Monitoring; Security

By submission of a proposal in response to this RFP, the Applicant agrees that it will comply and

cooperate with all contract and compliance monitoring and evaluation activities undertaken by

the City of Philadelphia, and with all security policies and requirements of the City.

D. Reporting Requirements

The successful Applicant shall report to the City of Philadelphia on a regular basis regarding the

status of the project and its progress in providing the contracted services and/or products. At a

4 Revised: October 2020 (3/22) minimum, the successful Applicant shall submit a monthly invoice detailing the services and/or products provided, the goals/tasks accomplished, and the associated costs. If hourly rates are charged, the invoice must also detail the number of hours, the hourly rate, and the individual who performed the service.

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