#COFFEESOFHOPE – A Charitable First, Thirsting for You

Facebook campaigning and outreach is no new topic, but a charitable organization called Classroom of Hope has just reinvented Facebook fund-raising. With a goal of impacting poverty on a massive scale, Classroom of Hope launched a Facebook app all non-profits should emulate.

From the Classroom of Hope FB profile

To brew a coffee of your own or simply donate go to classroomofhope.org and click the #coffeesofhope banner

Selling virutal coffees to raise money to educate underprivaledged kids, the dream of Classroom of Hope Founder and CEO, Duncan Ward relies on innovative ideas. Taking note that the world downs some 1.6 billion cups of coffee each day, Ward’s idea was to somehow tap into the power of the world’s most popular morning beverage. While the reality of the “connect” in between real coffee and our digital society may seem nebulous, the app designed by Marketforce and built by Social Media CTRL turned out to be fun and intensely interactive. We talked to Kohen Grogan, who’s  Managing Director – Social Media CTRL and Yappy,  about their part in developing this campaign. Grogan had this to say:

“Coming up with creative, innovative and unique ideas is something we love to do and the fact that we got to develop an idea for such a great cause is awesome. Social commerce is a rapidly growing industry so why not use it for some social good!”

The campaign to go along convinced social media pals to swap coffee cups, went to help kids in Cambodia getting a leg up on education. According to Duncan, “it doesn’t take much to make a real difference.” In the end, for what it costs for a single cup of Joe, a child in Cambodia can have a full set of textbooks. And for 10 coffees, a child can be schooled the entire year. Changing children’s lives, one coffee at a time! That’s the motto of Classroom of Hope.


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