The Massachusetts Environmental Trust (MET or Trust), a unit of the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs seeks a vendor under statewide contract PRF60, Advertising, Marketing & Event Planning Services to develop and implement a marketing campaign of its fourth environmental license plate featuring a striped bass and two herring. The Trust needs to launch a campaign to “sell” this plate and create an informed constituency for its marketing. The cost of the plate will be $40, in addition to the RMV’s $60 registration fee and will be available only through the Registry of Motor Vehicles Special Plate Department. Currently MET receives $28 from each new license plate registration and $40 from two‐year plate vehicle registration renewals.


The Massachusetts Environmental Trust is currently the beneficiary of special plate fees generated by the sale of three environment theme specialty license plates through the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles. The three plates are the Right Whale Tail, Leaping Brook Trout, and Blackstone Valley Mill. Revenue from the Striped Bass license plate will be segregated within MET to fund a new grant program to enrich programs that preserve saltwater resources, coastal waterways, access, and habitat preservation and research. The program is in collaboration with the Department of Fish and Wildlife’s (DFW) Division of Marine Fisheries (DMF).

The winning bidder must be capable of offering complete marketing and press services, and demonstrate to provide peak visibility at the introduction of the plate and following the availability of the plate. Although the plate will be offered statewide, preference will be given to those respondents who demonstrate an understanding of the environmental issues impacting striped bass conservation and angler education, and should have strong relations in the Cape Cod region to appeal to a large sector of striped bass anglers.

Scope of Work:

The scope of this project is expected to include:

                • Translation of the Trust’s advertising goals and strategies into effective media buys, which may             include television, radio, printed media, on‐line and out‐of‐home advertising;

                • Creative development and production;

                • Direct marketing and social media marketing;

                • Earned media, graphic design and copy editing;

                • Assistance in providing conference/photo opportunities for MET and EEA as per EEA   communications regulations;

                • Production design services for several media formats including reviewing proofs and monitoring delivery;

                • Promotion and placement of plate at striped bass and other related events.

Due Date:

June 21st, 2019. 


Kim Tilas

Program Director

Massachusetts Environmental Trust

Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs

100 Cambridge Street, Suite 900

Boston, MA 02114

Agencies worth considering include Zeno Group and Ketchum PR.

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