Pekin Park District Issues Marketing RFP

Pekin Park District is announcing a request for proposals (RFP) from qualified agencies to provide marketing services for Park District programs, services, and facilities. Services will be provided in a manner that enhances awareness of programs, services, and facilities maximizing financial return to the Park District. The selected agency will be expected to work closely with the assigned Park District staff to accomplish these goals. The selected agency will take the lead role in creation of a marketing plan with a cohesive brand management strategy including strategy for generation of sponsorships, and graphic design services for creation of the Pekin Park District PlayGuide.

The Mission of Pekin Park District is “To improve the quality of life for the District’s residents by providing both active and passive recreational opportunities in recreational facilities, parks, and areas.” The vision is “To progressively meet the changing needs and desires of the community, while embracing cherished traditions.”

Pekin Park District operates a number of facilities including, but not limited to, Parkside Athletics – a fitness center / indoor tennis facility. Miller Center – a senior center, Magic Dragon Miniature Golf Course, DragonLand Water Park, Lick Creek and Parkview Golf Courses, Veterans Memorial Arena – ice rink, Pekin Park District Sports Complex – large multi-discipline outdoor sports complex, many rental centers, and 17 parks encompassing 2,047 acres throughout the community.

Recently, Pekin Park District has completed a strategic plan titled “Moving Forward.” This is a strategic blueprint for 2018 – 2021. As part of this plan Pekin Park District has begun to develop initiatives that improve cost recovery for all programs, services, and facilities. Progress is being made in this effort, but the Park District wishes to increase visibility and awareness to further improve fiscal position through increased participation in programs and services.

To this end, Pekin Park District seeks to acquire the services of a qualified marketing agency to create and support marketing initiatives. Pekin Park District invites proposals from interested marketing agencies with experience in marketing, brand development and management, social media strategy, implementation, sponsorship generation, print / digital brochure design, and overall management of all Pekin Park District marketing strategies in these and other beneficial marketing mediums.

Scope of Work:

                Marketing Goals:

                                • Promote the programs, services, and facilities of Pekin Park District in a manner that increases awareness of offerings and drives a measurable increase in participation                                          numbers in all areas of the Park District.

                                • Create a strategic comprehensive marketing plan for Pekin Park District as a whole with a cohesive brand management strategy throughout all of our various programs, services, and facilities.

                                • Provide support to Pekin Park District staff in the promotion of newly developed                                          programs and services to attract participants.

                                • Generate opportunities for local and regional organizations to provide sponsorships of                              various Park District programs, services, and facilities including the sale of                                                             advertisement space in our PlayGuide and facilities.

                                • Provide graphic design and content development for digital and print media.

                                • Manage public relation resources as described in comprehensive marketing plan.

                                • Provide strategic campaign support including planning, development, and execution                                  with multi-channel outreach and branded material development.

                                • Provide social media strategy development, content, and execution.

                                • Assist Pekin Park District staff in market research to identify opportunities, thresholds, and segments.

                                • Develop a Pekin Park District brand that is consistent and cohesive.

                                • Advise Pekin Park District staff on maintaining the designed Pekin Park District brand consistency.

                                • Make recommendations on the continual advancement of the designed Pekin Park District brand.

                                • Be willing and able to recommend other available marketing opportunities and                                              mediums that would be beneficial to Pekin Park District at any given time.

                Design of the Pekin Park District PlayGuide:

                                • Traditionally an approximately 36-page catalog style brochure distributed 2 times per year listing programs, services, and facility information published in March and August.

                                • Marketing Agency will be responsible for the creation of original initial design template, and responsible for the layout of each brochure publication in accordance to                                                 the comprehensive marketing plan.

                                • In cooperation with designated Pekin Park District staff, the designer will need to                                        incorporate specific content in the initial template and be flexible with the dynamic                                        content that changes with each brochure produced.

                                • Must comply with all deadlines set in place by a comprehensive marketing plan and Pekin Park District staff to ensure proper marketing of programs, services, and facilities in each issue.

                                • 3 rounds of PDF proofing including final proof documents.

                                • Provide digital interactive PDF for web viewing.

                                • Provide ready to print PDF files, all package files in an executable and editable format for future use by Pekin Park District staff, and any other files associated with creation of each issue of the PlayGuide.

                                • The final design shall be considered a “work made for hire” and Pekin Park District shall, upon completion of said work and payment in full of all monies due and owed to the creating agency, be the owner of all work and the owner of the copyright of all work, including, but not limited to, camera-ready copy, hard-copy, digital copy, and Internet web-ready copy, including all related materials produced pursuant to project, and may put them to any use desired by Pekin Park District.

                                • If printing services are offered:

                                                o Minimum of 60# gloss cover with minimum 50# white offset full color

                                                o Saddle stich stapled construction

                                                o 8.5” x 11” paper size

                                                o 8,000 copies per printing

                                                o Delivered in bundles of 25 to Pekin Park District Veterans Memorial Arena, 250 Redbud Memorial Drive, Pekin, Illinois 61554.

                                                o Specifications may be substituted if overall concept and quality of final product would be considered equal to those desired by Pekin Park District.

                                                o Cost of printing services for each issue must be quoted prior to printing with the option of only providing print-ready files as described above for Pekin Park District to seek printing services separately from a different agency if determined to be financially beneficial and in the best interest of Pekin Park                                                                District to do so.

Due Date:

March 20


Agencies with relevant experience includes Hunter PR and Kite Hill PR.

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