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KiteRocket PR

Kiterocket PR is a marketing and communications agency that works to boost the value of brands by helping them to embrace the unique factors that make them different. Kiterocket focus on helping today’s companies to find the unique elements of their voice so that they make an impact in a cluttered and crowded landscape. The collaborative teams in KiteRocket PR combine public relations from a traditional perspective with social media and digital marketing, as well as experiential marketing.

Though Kiterocket PR exist on the West Coast of the US, they have a global reach thanks to their high-quality campaigns. Their offices now included spaces in Shanghai and London as well as the US.

KiteRocket PR Leadership and Clients:

KiteRocket PR are communication strategy experts, designers, publicists, developers, writers, and experts in the world of social media marketing. Not only are they inquisitive thinkers and innovators, but they’re also technical professionals with experience traveling the world and exploring various sectors. The Kite Rocket PR team bring their experiences with them into their work with clients, and they specialise in various industries.

Some of the industries that KiteRocket PR focus on include that of technology, the food and beverage space, leisure and travel, consumer lifestyle, life sciences, and renewable energy. Over the years, this PR brand has established powerful relationships with SAFC, ATMI, CphL, Johnson Matthey, and many other big-name brands.

KiteRocket PR Perks and Problems:

KiteRocket a professional and exciting place for their experts to work, in locations around the world. They appeal to employees from various backgrounds and attempt to offer a range of unique benefits and great salary opportunities to talented people with an interest in the public relations and communications world.

There aren’t currently many reviews about the brand available online, although the company does have social media channels that candidates can follow such as on Facebook and LinkedIn

KiteRocket PR Services:

KiteRocket believe in bringing together immersive and engaging strategies for communication, in a world where the silos between communications are beginning to break down. They work consistently and closely with a range of companies to help them find the custom-made strategies that work best for their needs, with services like:

  • Social media marketing
  • Digital marketing
  •    Public and influencer relations
  • Brand strategy
  • Digital design
  • Event and experiential marketing

Getting a Job with KiteRocket:

KiteRocket believe in the importance of their team and creating a rich company culture where talented team members can thrive in the best possible spaces. The company is constantly on the lookout for creative and driven minds, and they showcase their available and open spaces on their website. For people who can’t find a career that’s right for them at any given moment, there’s always the opportunity to email a resume to

KiteRocket PRMiscellaneous:

Kiterocket PR partners met through a membership with a PR group, and they decided to bring their skills together in a new experience.

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