Communication, media and event RFP issued for launch of the Imagine Nigeria Report

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COVID-19 has led to a global health and economic crisis, and similar to many countries, Nigeria is struggling to overcome the immediate and secondary challenges presented by the pandemic. The pandemic has aggravated critical challenges such as rising levels of inequality, ethnic tensions, and political violence. In response, the UNDP has partnered with the Federal Government of Nigeria to produce the Imagine Nigeria Report which assesses and provides insight into how the crises facing Nigeria also presents opportunities for Nigeria to build a more inclusive and resilient nation.   The Imagine Nigeria Report is a foresight-oriented exercise that is neither a prediction of the future nor a national plan, rather it is an invitation to all Nigerians for a country-wide conversation on the future of the nation. The report explores the various major trends that will help to shape the future of Nigeria, offers alternative scenarios to further the country’s development and provides a series of actionable recommendations to ensure national transformation. The findings and recommendations in the report came to life through a participatory exercise involving over 300 stakeholders and experts, both nationally and internationally, which was guided by a High-Level panel made up of eminent stakeholders across government, private sector and civil society.   Imagine Nigeria is now ready to be publicly released and the UNDP is preparing to launch the report through a series of weeklong high-level events involving a number of stakeholders across government, local partners, private sector, civil society organizations, the international community and more. It is in this context that the UNDP is seeking to procure professional services of a local media and communication firm to assist in the planning, execution and management of the Imagine Nigeria report launch and its related activities.


COVID-19  has led  to  a  global  health  and  economic  crisis,  and  similar  to  many  countries,  Nigeria  is struggling  to  overcome  the  immediate  and  secondary  challenges  presented  by  the  pandemic.  The pandemic  has  aggravated  critical  challenges  such  as  rising  levels  of  inequality,  ethnic  tensions,  and political  violence.  In  response,  the  UNDP  has  partnered  with  the  Federal  Government  of  Nigeria  to produce  the  Imagine  Nigeria  Report  which  assesses  and  provides  insight  into  how  the  crises  facing Nigeria  also  presents  opportunities  for  Nigeria  to  build  a  more  inclusive  and  resilient  nation.   The  Imagine  Nigeria  Report  is  a  foresight-oriented  exercise  that  is  neither  a  prediction  of  the  future nor  a  national  plan,  rather  it  is  an  invitation  to  all  Nigerians  for  a  country-wide  conversation  on  the future  of  the  nation.  The  report  explores  the  various  major  trends  that  will  help  to  shape  the  future of  Nigeria,  offers  alternative  scenarios  to  further  the  country’s  development  and  provides  a  series  of actionable  recommendations  to  ensure  national  transformation.  The  findings  and  recommendations in  the  report  came  to  life  through  a  participatory  exercise  involving  over  300  stakeholders  and experts,  both  nationally  and  internationally,  which  was  guided  by  a  High-Level  panel  made  up  of eminent  stakeholders  across  government,  private  sector  and  civil  society.   Imagine  Nigeria  is  now  ready  to  be  publicly  released  and  the  UNDP  is  preparing  to  launch  the  report through  a series of weeklong high-level events involving a  number of stakeholders across government, local  partners,  private  sector,  civil  society  organizations,  the  international  community  and  more.  It  is in  this  context  that  the  UNDP  is  seeking  to  procure  professional  services  of  a  local  media  and communication  firm  to  assist  in  the  planning,  execution  and  management  of  the  Imagine  Nigeria report  launch  and  its  related  activities.

Scope of Work

UNDP Nigeria  wishes  to  engage  the  services  of  one  communication  and  media  firm  to  support  the Imagine  Nigeria  Report  launch  and  its  related  activities.  Under  the  general  guidance  and supervision  of  the  UNDP  Nigeria  Communications  Specialist,  the  contractor  will  be  responsible  for providing  support  in  the  following  general  areas:

•  Event management: Assist  with  the  execution  of  the  Imagine  Nigeria  report  launch  event strategies  including  support  for  planning,  coordination  and  management  of  the  related launch  events   

•  Media relations:  Provide  professional  support  to  garner  national  and  regional  media coverage  of  the  Imagine  Nigeria  report,  including  placement  of  press  releases,  op-eds, press  conferences  and  media  appearances  as  well  as  the  management  of  media  requests  

•  Social  media:  Develop  engaging  social  media  content  and  pre-launch  campaign  that generates  awareness  and  interest  about  the  Imagine  Nigeria  report  with  the  aim  of sustaining  public  knowledge  and  interest.

•  Branding items:  Support  with  the  development  and  production  of  Imagine  Nigeria branded  items  needed  for  the  report  launch  events  

• Video production: Produce engaging video coverage of the Imagine Nigeria report launch events as well as develop short video assets that summarize the key objectives and findings of the report

UNDP Nigeria wishes to engage the services of one communication and media firm to support the Imagine Nigeria Report launch and its related activities. Under the general guidance and supervision of the UNDP Nigeria Communications Specialist, the contractor will be responsible for providing support in the following general areas:

• Event management: Assist with the execution of the Imagine Nigeria report launch event strategies including support for planning, coordination and management of the related launch events  

• Media relations: Provide professional support to garner national and regional media coverage of the Imagine Nigeria report, including placement of press releases, op-eds, press conferences and media appearances as well as the management of media requests  

• Social media: Develop engaging social media content and pre-launch campaign that generates awareness and interest about the Imagine Nigeria report with the aim of sustaining public knowledge and interest. 

• Branding items: Support with the development and production of Imagine Nigeria branded items needed for the report launch events

Proposals  may  be  submitted  on  or  before  Thursday,  February  03,  2022  and  via email,  courier mail  or fax  to  the  address  below:

United Nations  Development  Programme

Nonso  Orefo

MWWPR and Zeno Group are agencies worth considering.

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