Communication Security Establishment Issues Marketing RFP

Communication Security Establishment Issues Marketing RFP

The Communication Security Establishment is seeking the services of a marketing agency to develop and deliver the multi-media, multi-phased Get Cyber Safe campaign which will include the creation of a range of marketing products and activities. The products and activities conceived must have consistent messaging that can be shared broadly among governments and partnering organizations and may include online tools and outreach products such as: web content, social media content, interactive content, videos, infographics, publications, presentations, reports, promotional items, live and online events, media and other partnership activities and products, as well as exhibit materials and products for marketing and outreach.


Digital technologies are now an integral part of our daily lives, with new developments emerging every day. From running our businesses, accessing government services, to interacting with our friends and families, these technologies connect Canadians from coast to coast to coast while linking us into a dynamic global network.

As we embrace digital technologies for their tremendous benefits, we can open ourselves up to threats. Criminals and other malicious cyber threat actors — many of which operate outside our borders — take advantage of security gaps, low cyber security awareness, and technological developments in an effort to compromise cyber systems. They steal personal and financial information, intellectual property, and trade secrets. They disrupt and sometimes destroy the infrastructure that we rely on for essential services and our way of life.

The most frequent Internet users in the world, Canadians use a wide range of Internet-connected devices for a variety of activities ranging from talk, text, social platforms, shopping, banking, and accessing government services. According to a 2018 Survey of Internet Users Regarding Cyber Security1, Canadians spend more than six hours per day online, but only half know the risks related to new technology and smart devices. The survey suggested a need for improvement in cyber security protection for small and medium businesses, as well as a strong appetite for guidelines, procedures and resources to improve their security.

Following the release of Canada’s Cyber Security Strategy 2010, Public Safety Canada launched the Get Cyber Safe campaign in 2011. Get Cyber Safe supports cyber security awareness with outreach, activities, and the development of targeted resources.

With the 2018 National Cyber Security Strategy the cyber security functions from three departments have been united to establish the Canadian Centre for Cyber Security (the Cyber Centre) as one unique, innovative, and forward-looking organization, as part of the Communications Security Establishment (CSE). From Public Safety Canada, the Get Cyber Safe public awareness campaign has been transferred to the Cyber Centre.

The Get Cyber Safe public awareness campaign supports the National Cyber Security Strategy, and was created to educate Canadians about cyber security and the simple steps they can take to protect themselves online. The campaign’s goal is to bring together all levels of government, the public and private sectors, and the international community, to help Canadians be safer online.

Scope of Work:

The Contractor will provide a range of marketing services in the following service categories as further described below.

  • Account Management and Coordination Services
  • Strategic and Campaign Planning Services
  • Creative and Production Services – Traditional and Digital Tactics
  • Partnership Services

Account Management and Coordination Services

The Contractor is required to provide ongoing account services. The Contractor must document all activities (including activities undertaken in all categories of service) and direct costs that include the level of effort (time and resources) it undertook to deliver the services required by the Project Authority

Specifically, the Contractor is required to provide account services that will include, but not limited to, the following:

  • Ensure that all procedures have been followed and that the contract, and any amendments, are received from the Communication Procurement Directorate (CPD) of Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC) prior to the commencement of work;
  • Manage, on a day-to-day basis, all resources working on the development of marketing materials for the Communications Security Establishment, working as a cohesive team in order to deliver good value for dollar to the Government of Canada on a timely basis;
  • Attend Project Authority briefings and meetings;
  • Supervise and report any work produced by approved subcontractors;
  • Provide project status and contact reports on a regular basis;
  • Provide cost estimates as requested by the Project Authority;
  • Provide cost reports on a regular basis including breakdown by personnel, resources, travel and rates;
  • Provide monthly interim reports by e-mail to the Project Authority detailing the time and resources used to provide the services required by the Communications Security Establishment;
  • Document its activities and direct costs, in particular, the level of effort (time and resources) it undertook to provide the services required by;
  • Deliver all requested components as detailed in this Statement of Work.

Strategic and Campaign Planning Services

The Contractor is required to develop an overarching campaign strategy as well as marketing plans for each fiscal year. This involves translating the Communications Security Establishment’s objectives into a high-level “action plan” for the campaign.

The strategy and plans must contain, but not limited to, the following:

  • Marketing objectives.
  • Target audience(s).
  • Tactics.
  • Rationale.
  • Budget.
  • Timelines.
  • Deliverables.
  • Indicated action(s) and next steps.
  • Other details as requested by the Project Authority.

The Contractor is responsible for reviewing the annual campaign evaluation and considering and addressing these findings in the following year’s strategies and plans

Partnership Services

Within the scope of the campaign, partnerships or collaborative agreements may be used to increase its visibility and its overall success. These can take many forms with provinces, territories, municipalities, associations, non-governmental organizations, and/or industry partners. It must be ensured, however, that promotional effort that involves the media are not the primary focus of partnering and sponsorship arrangements.

Within the scope of developing partnerships, and subject to approval from the Project Authority, the Contractor may be required to oversee various aspects of the partnership(s) which will include, but not limited to:

  • Outline and identify potential partners;
  • Develop and propose partnership objectives, key elements and goals of the partnership(s);
  • Develop and distribute the request for proposal, letter of agreement, and other partnership materials;
  • Participate in the evaluation of the proposals led by the Project Authority;
  • Communicate with partners on behalf of the Government of Canada; and
  • Evaluate partnership activities and brief the Project Authority on performance and results.

Creative and Production Services

The Contractor is required to produce, layout (from drafts to final) and duplicate for distribution, creative materials for the public awareness campaign.

For all creative materials, as applicable to each medium, the contractor is required to:

  • Oversee and provide direction on overall quality of all creative elements, concepts, development, and production of all marketing products as well as any materials developed in support of the marketing products;
  • Produce creative concepts in the form of mock-ups, story boards, treatments, or scripts;

Due Date:

March 27, 2019.


11 Laurier St. / 11, rue Laurier

Place du Portage, Phase III

Core 0B2 / Noyau 0B2



K1A 0S5

Agencies worth considering for this assignment includes Highwire PR and Prosek Partners.

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