Communications RFP Issued By San Juan Water Conservancy District

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The San Juan Water Conservancy District (SJWCD) invites proposals from qualified parties to provide consulting services for: (1) community engagement expertise to develop a strategy for community education and communication on water issues that impact our region and also promotes the ability of the SJWCD to achieve all stated goals identified in our 2021 Strategic Plan; (2) coordination of community feedback panels to develop effective messaging on water issues; (3) development of education and communication materials including graphic artwork brochures, presentations, articles for publication, and online distribution


The San Juan Water Conservancy District (SJWCD) was formed on October 22, 1987, as a duly

organized water conservancy district pursuant to the Water Conservancy Act following

approval by Archuleta County voters. The SJWCD works to provide community education on

water issues, water resource planning, stream improvement, water rights protection, and

development services within its service area, which is located wholly within Archuleta County

along the headwaters of the Upper San Juan River.

In early 2021 the SJWCD published its Strategic Plan outlining the Strategic Objectives and

associated actions required to accomplish these objectives. The Strategic Objectives are as


1. Determining the water needs (agricultural, municipal, environmental, and

recreational) of the District, and how the San Juan River Headwaters Project and

other projects might meet those needs.

2. Education of the community at large regarding critical water issues that face the

District, the Southwest Basin of Colorado, and the Colorado River Basin and its


3. Conservation of our limited water resources through continued existing programs

and initiation of new programs.

4. Ensuring the financial health and viability of the District through cost-effective

asset management including, but not limited to the District’s water rights and

collaboration with existing and new partners.

5. Establish a reputation of operational excellence through communication both

internally and externally with partners and the general public.

The Strategic Plan may be found on the SJWCD website at

In May 2021 members of the SJWCD Board participated with leaders of other community

organizations in Pagosa Springs and Archuleta County in a workshop offered by the Sonoran

Institute to assist communities in incorporating water considerations in their growth plans.

Please see the Sonoran Institute website for more information on these Growing Water Smart

workshops ( The Pagosa Springs/Archuleta

County Growing Water Smart workshop team developed multiple objectives aimed at

addressing water issues in the Upper San Juan River Basin. A key objective involves

communication and education of the community on water issues that impact the region. As

this objective meshes well with the SJWCD Strategic Plan objectives, the SJWCD has agreed

to consolidate, coordinate, and manage these education and communication efforts.

Scope of Work:

(1) Engagement Strategy

The SJWCD seeks a vendor to develop a cost effective yet comprehensive marketing strategy

that would utilize a variety of media options to be suggested by the vendor.

Overall services are to include:

(a) Development of community engagement strategy with suggested budget


(b) Create and advise on on-going adjustments to the program to maximize impact;

(c) On-going support

It is requested that the vendor also include in the proposal response the cost of such on-going

support preferably in the form of an hourly rate and estimated monthly cost related to regular

(i.e., quarterly or as-needed) evaluation of the effectiveness of the strategy, to evaluate

execution, and advise the SJWCD on strategy adjustments.

Timeline: The SJWCD envisions a timeframe for completion of strategy outline and framework

within four (4) weeks of contract authorization.

(2) Development of Message

In addition to the SJWCD and the Pagosa Springs/Archuleta County Growing Water Smart

team, there are numerous organizations with a focus on community education and

communication outreach on water issues impacting the Upper San Juan River Basin. The

SJWCD seeks a vendor to assist in the development of an engagement program that can serve

multiple water stakeholders. It is envisioned that multiple meetings of focus groups will be

required to develop this program. The consultant will then confirm that the engagement

program resonates within the community by holding a number (to be determined by the

consultant) of community focus group sessions where water issues are discussed.

Timeline: The SJWCD envisions a timeframe for development of the engagement program for

the project within two (2) months of contract authorization.

(3) Education and Communication Material Development

A significant amount of educational and informational materials addressing water issues is

available through various organizations in Colorado. The consultant will make use of these

materials when possible and adapt for local use. The consultant will develop additional

materialsas necessary to fulfill the community engagement and education strategy.

All text, graphics, video, source code, and editorial content created by the consultant in

connection with the community engagement strategy will become the sole property of the

SJWCD and may be used for any purpose including but not limited to posting, disclosure,

reproduction, broadcast, and transmission. The vendor shall covenant that any material

published or technologies used in the project will not violate or infringe on any copyright,

trademark, patent, statutory, common law or proprietary rights of others, or contain anything

libelous or harmful.

Due Date: All proposals must be received by 5:00 pm Mountain Daylight Time on October 25, 2021.


c/o Al Pfister, Board President

San Juan Water Conservancy District

46 Eaton Drive Suite #5

Pagosa Springs, CO 81147

Agencies to consider include Edelman PR and Porter Novelli.

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