Porter Novelli Claims To Have Invented Social Media

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Porter Novelli PR firm

Well, if Al Gore invented the Internet, then Porter Novelli surely “pioneered social marketing.” In a recent news release, Porter Novelli claims they are “..the global public relations agency that pioneered social marketing.”

Does Porter Novelli really believe they were the first?

Or are they winking at all of us with a silly smile on their faces? Social marketing for Porter Novelli is enhanced through the agency’s philosophy of claiming to drive sales and uniqueness unlike any other.

The long-held ideals of the company lie in its ability to “harness the power of marketing to improve the health and well-being of consumers.” What Porter Novelli brings to the PR scene is a dynamic understanding of creative wellness.

But when it comes to who is responsible for social media and marketing on the various platforms, it would be difficult to pinpoint any single event. We believe, to some extent, social media marketing was birthed even before Facebook was founded in 2004, though not nearly as in your face about it as we’ve come to accept today.

Unofficially people were in essence marketing themselves for friends on MySpace, YouTube, and other social media sites we hardly remember anymore. Flickr and Facebook started more as friendship sites and took time before becoming the PR and advertising behemoths they’ve become.

Amazon, although a retailer, has a certain social aspect that has influenced the marketing trends as well. Google has also thrown its hat in the ring, along with Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and many more in recent years. Each came along after the initial efforts but have had an impact in changing the process.

So, Porter Novelli, you are an impressive agency. We honor the good work you’ve done over the years. But we don’t actually believe you pioneered social media any more than we believe Al Gore invented the Internet.

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