The University of Colorado – Denver, Colorado Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute (hereinafter “University” or “CCTSI”) has received federal funding to launch a communication campaign to promote the use of neutralizing monoclonal antibodies (nMAb) treatment for COVID-19. This campaign will use rapid, iterative prototyping of communication messages and materials for dissemination across the state of Colorado. We will use co-design methods to engage key stakeholders in the creation of materials as well as identifying potential methods for distribution. Stakeholder groups will include target audience members from across the state of Colorado including health care providers, public health agents and people who are at high risk of negative outcomes from COVID-19.

Scope of Work:

Due to the rapid and iterative nature of this project, the nMAb communication campaign will need to employ a flexible and highly strategic approach to distribute communication materials to target audience segments. Potential campaign materials may include digital images, video, and/or audio. Selection of appropriate media channels for distribution will be determined in collaboration with stakeholders, the research team and the strategic communication/media buying Contractor.

· A minimum of 5 years of experience deploying integrated marketing campaigns.

· References from three (3) clients for work completed within the last five (5) years that is of a similar scope. Must include a brief narrative of the work completed for each client. Preference is for clients of a similar institution type.

· Supplier must have expertise in multi-channel marketing optimization strategy to reach niche audience segments (such as people with multiple health risk factors).

· Supplier must have expertise executing communication campaigns for healthcare promotion and/or public health education.

· Supplier must have expertise in evaluating and adapting marketing and media placement strategies using multiple sources of digital and media analytics.

· Prepare media buy plans for review and input by research team, which must include a targeted social media campaign.

· Execute the media buy, which can include but is not limited to the following:

o Negotiating placements/rates

o Securing added value

o Trafficking of creative materials

o Invoicing/payment for media placements

o Reconciling placements to invoices

o Monitoring outlets for accurate placements

o Adjusting placements as needed based on media metrics

· Provide monthly evaluation reports of media placements to determine accuracy in reaching target audience(s).

· Adjust media placements, as necessary, based on outcomes of digital analytics and feedback from the research team.

· Provide customized reports, evaluation and other campaign reports and presentations to the research team throughout the project, as requested. The University has not scheduled regular cadenced meetings, but those meetings could be held up to two (2) times per month in which the University would seek the supplier attend. This cadence is subject to change throughout life of the project dependent upon University need.

Due Date:

4/8/2021 5:00 PM MDT


Katherine Gatwood

Agencies to consider includes Prosek Partners and Edelman PR.

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