Communications RFP Issued for the Opera Impact Platform Project

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AOC is soliciting proposals from qualified individuals or firms who can achieve the key project deliverable of sharing results with and transferring knowledge to the broader community through communications and public relations supports to the project. This work will include the following:

  • Work collaboratively with the ED and project manager to develop a multi-channel communications and promotions plan for the project including traditional media, social media, public relations and government/funder relations
  • Build a stakeholder list (including funders, partners, government contacts, media and other arts service organizations) and make sure stakeholders are informed about important project milestones and news in appropriate ways
  • Develop key project messages
  • Manage a collective naming process
  • Manage the development of branding variety and guidelines that complement our existing new branding (separate budget for this)
  • Manage the development of a bilingual landing page on the AOC website or a microsite for the project (separate budget for this)
  • Develop a communications toolkit for use by project pilot partners
  • Manage graphic design contracts
  • Develop and disseminate communications content at key project milestones to drive engagement and attract new partnerships, leads and interest


The Association for Opera in Canada (AOC) is an arts service organization offering membership to opera companies, businesses, teaching institutions and individuals. It seeks to create and sustain an environment that makes opera companies central to Canadian life. We work with members across the country to advance the interests of Canada’s opera community and create greater opportunities for opera audiences and professionals alike.

AOC has distinguished itself an essential connector and arts service organization during the COVID-19 crisis.  AOC continues its path to becoming a more inclusive organization, reflective of the many people and practices in the opera and music theatre sector in Canada, while promoting and catalyzing transformation towards building back better with greater resiliency, equity and civic impact.

AOC is accepting proposals for a communications consultant or consulting team to support us in 2021 with all aspects of communications related to our Opera Impact Platform Project, funded by the Canada Council for the Arts. The Opera Impact Platform Project is aimed at allowing opera companies and other opera stakeholders to capture the impact of its work in communities across Canada and to automate civic impact reporting with real-time dashboards and simplified data collection using the SAMETRICA platform. The project will also allow our members to access data measures to track the recovery of the sector from COVID-19 and a bespoke new framework to track resilience as the sector re-opens and builds back better.

We are in the beta testing phase of the project where we will be onboarding up to 6 members to use and help us improve the platform. Later in the year, we will be opening the platform to all of our 16 member companies. In 2022, we will be broadening the platform for use by other arts sectors.

Scope of Work:

The selected consultant will demonstrate the following attributes:

  • A proven communications specialist and storyteller passionate about amplifying the work of innovative changemakers in the arts
  • Understands community and how to motivate digital engagement
  • Understands SEO and strategies and tactics for discoverability
  • Excels at grab ‘em content and storytelling related to transformation and innovation
  • Excellent cogent, concise written and verbal communications
  • Able to communicate messages in a variety of writing styles and voices, including promotional, informal, and storytelling
  • French language capabilities will be considered an asset (we have a translator)

Due Date:

February 5, 2021 at 5 pm EST


Christina Loewen, ED,

Zeno Group and Finn Partners are agencies worth considering.

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