The Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation Issues Advertising RFP

The Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation Issues Advertising RFP

The Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) seeks an agency to develop and implement a direct marketing campaign for the recruitment of “tree hosts” of new trees in targeted neighborhoods as part of the Greening the Gateway Cities program.

There are 26 Gateway Cities in Massachusetts, midsize urban centers that anchor regional economies around the state. Once vital economic hubs, they have struggled as manufacturing jobs left, unable to rebuild and draw investment. These cities offer many in demand assets – active urban cultures, young and underutilized workers, walkable neighborhoods, infrastructure and transportation networks.

The Greening the Gateway Cities Tree Planting Program is designed to bring the energy efficiency and environmental benefits of a healthy tree canopy to Gateway Cities. So far, over 10,000 trees have been planted for free – primarily by DCR crews – throughout 13 Gateway Cities. Along with higher energy efficiency, Gateway Cities will see benefits such as:

  • A reduction in storm water runoff
  • Better air quality
  • An increase in property values and tax receipts
  • A safer, healthier environment for residents


The primary challenge to DCR tree planting efforts is identifying private tree hosts who agree to allow DCR to plant trees on their land and who agree to water the trees regularly for the first two years. Tree plantings are executed in specific neighborhoods that would benefit from increased tree density. The number of trees required to achieve the energy and other benefits is carefully calculated. Due to limited space, only about 20% of the trees are planted on public land, so private citizens need to participate in order to reach required numbers.

The DCR works with local organizations in each city to reach out to citizens to participate. This outreach has been effective, but optimal participation is not being achieved. Market research indicates that the challenge is reaching potential hosts. Conversion and satisfaction ratings are outstanding.

Scope of Work:


Enhance current recruitment efforts with strategically targeted marketing programs tailored to specific neighborhoods.


  • Find the right audience – property owners in targeted neighborhoods. Renters can also receive free tree with permission from the property owners.
  • Craft a strategic message – property owner benefit driven, culturally appropriate for specific neighborhoods.
  • Employ targeted media mix for community outreach
  • Coordinate with community groups

Target Audience:

  • Primary: Property owners in identified neighborhoods in 26 Gateway Cities
  • Secondary: Renters of homes/apartments/store fronts in identified neighborhoods in 26 Gateway Cities


  • Marketing and media plans for completion of plantings in Gateway Cities where plantings are underway
  • Execution of materials needed to complete plantings in active planting cities
  • Post-program assessment and presentation of results
  • Implementation and tracking of programs in active planting cities:

Due Date:

April 17th


Massachusetts Public Relations Agencies include M Booth PR.

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