The Pollack Group: Company Profile


In 1985 marketing and communications agency, The Pollack Group was founded. It has been 36 years since Pollack Group opened its doors, and the fundamental mission of the group that started it all has not changed. Helping businesses connect with the people who need them. After three decades of growth and change, the Pollack Group now has offices in New York and LA, and the vision continues.

Founding Members

The Pollack Group was started in 1985 by Noemi and Stefan Pollack. Noemi is a writer and a reader who believes that both are needed to create great literature works. When she started the Pollack Group, she started it to have a clear and concise approach to communication and marketing. Speaking five languages has allowed Noemi to sit on the Board of Directors for several companies. Not to be forgotten, Stefan Pollock has been hailed as a national leader in pr and strategic communications.

Services Available to Clients

The agency wastes no time in assuring clients that the work will get done, no matter the goal. “It’s about your goals. Then we just roll up our sleeves and get sh*t done.” This phrase can be found on the firm’s website and lends credence to the idea that the firm’s focus is to achieve client goals.

This is done by targeting certain areas of help for clients such as; brand marketing, community engagement, content and corporate marketing, events, trade shows, and social media. That is not a complete list of services. That list runs 24 items long. Clients have no shortage of solutions available to them through the expertise of Pollack Group.

Clients and Featured Campaigns

If the proof is in the pudding, then one needs to look no further than the company website’s works page. The list of clients and campaigns of note is seemingly endless. Some campaigns to take note of are the Pollack Groups work with the USA Triathlon, Curator Paints, and SodaStream. Brita, Clorox, Baskin Robbins, the Writer, and the Patton Foundation are all past or present clients of Pollack Group.


One of the points of pride for Pollack Group is Lab186. Lab186 is the Pollack Group’s in-house digital marketing and content production studio. Here, the Pollack Group marketing team can fuse creativity with top tier production capabilities to create the best-branded content possible for clients. Any number of creative content ideas can be brought to life here in this production studio: lead generation, website and video development, SEO, and email marketing.

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