Global Situation Room: Company Profile

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The Global Situation Room offers a full range of products and services that provide expert insight, innovative implementation, and crisis management. Specializing in crisis and reputation management, provide comprehensive crisis audits, develop risk indicators, construct crisis infrastructure, create crisis countermeasures, and crisis seminars/simulations. Under the leadership of CEO Johanna Maska, a world-class marketing expert and HQ located in Virginia, USA. She worked with President Obama for 8 years serving as Director of Press Advance in the White House and played a role in 2 successful presidential campaigns.

Maksa ensured a consistent message across every continent, whether that was going on a first-ever live address to Afghanistan or a multi-country town hall from South Africa. Maska has orchestrated presidential events in more than 40 countries and almost every state. She is an expert in visual marketing, strategic communications, and event production, usually working with major media companies, technology firms, and non-profit causes.

Principle Practices

1.Crisis and Reputation Management

Helping protect your reputation by providing comprehensive crisis audits, developing risk indicators, construction of crisis infrastructure, creating crisis countermeasures, and crisis seminars/simulations. Using countermeasures, focus, cutting edge concepts, and focusing on the current issues, we have saved clients hundreds of millions in losses.

2.Thought Leadership

We help our clients create the context for conversations around important issues or ideas. We do more than market your company. We build you a movement. Using sophisticated message development, high-level media strategy and outreach, influencer and stakeholder engagement, internal communications, presidential quality speech writing, articles by award-winning journalists, event/tour management, and even offering media and speech training used at the White House.


We prominently position our clients worldwide and in new foreign markets to create outreach/ brand reputation. Positioning in foreign markets and international communication campaigns, we can secure high-level meetings and critical decisions to help your brand’s reputation. Also, help conduct challenging negotiations or presentations, prepare multilingual web, social, and any other materials that may be needed to convey your message and brand.

4.Other Services

 Include online media and marketing, marketing materials, high-quality digital media marketing, specialized social media marketing, and global influencer campaigns.

Mission Statement

We are where you turn when you need more than simple public relations solutions. With customized plans shaped to the client’s business, this helps protect your company/brand. In a crisis, a brand may face a public challenge to its reputation. Helping a company’s long-term brand strategy, Global Situation Room realizes that protecting your image is just as important as creating it. Hopefully, preparing for a business’s worst-case scenario will help damage prevention.

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