Laura Davidson Public Relations

The Laura Davidson PR firm is based in New York and has offices based in Chicago, LA, and San Francisco. With a focus on luxury hotels, resorts, and lifestyle products, Laura Davidson PR works to develop creative and strategic campaigns for their top clients.

By using a collaborative method, LDPR provides individualized programs and initiatives to boost awareness of brands and brand missions.

With a variety of services, LDPR has placed itself at the forefront of public relations. The firm offers media relations, partnering top brands with travel clients, social media support, and sponsored content with influencer marketing. 

Media Relations

Media relations are the basics of work in the Laura Davidson PR firm. By creating and curating content across various media outlets, awareness of LDPR clients is boosted to the tune of millions of dollars in revenue.

By working with traditional media and digital media sources, Laura Davidson has all media bases covered and can provide the most up to date media strategies ever-evolving.


LDPR manages partnerships between top consumer brands and the firm’s travel clients to create the most buzz for their buck. By combining fashion, culinary or celebrity support with the firm’s well-known travel clients, LDPR allows for the breadth of a campaign to expand across several consumer sectors. Partnerships are among the most important elements of an LDPR campaign.

Social Media and Sponsored Content

The in house digital marketing team at Laura Davidson works towards custom social media strategies for its clients. The team has experience in a variety of media and content creation, as well as curation.

Digital strategy and social media analytics are where LDPR keeps attention to allow for an accurate read of the ever-changing social media landscape and target consumers’ opinions.

By sponsoring content, the Laura Davidson firm can run campaigns at a great discount while generating up to three times the revenue of traditional advertising.

Sponsored content costs up to 62% less than traditional marketing. Laura Davidson Public Relations understands that most consumers today want to receive information about new products and brands through content as opposed to traditional advertising. 

By harnessing that information, LDPR can customize the marketing campaigns created for clients to be the most effective for that brand.

Influencer Marketing

Laura Davidson PR understands the importance of having the right partner promoting the right brand. By enlisting dozens of trusted influencers, LDPR has built relationships within the travel and lifestyle space. The firm vets and sources top social media influencers to back brands that the firm represents. Clients are provided top-notch influencer strategy, and LDPR often develops long-term programs with brand ambassadors.

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