Community Transit Issues RFP For Brand Assessment

Community Transit Issues RFP For Brand Assessment

Positioning and designing for a great brand requires a thorough understanding of our customers, competitors and marketplace. Community Transit seeks interested qualified vendors to conduct a statistically valid brand assessment with consumers (general public and current customers) to gain a fundamental understanding of where the brand is positioned in the marketplace in its current state.

The brand assessment provides an opportunity to conduct a baseline audit to evaluate the strength of Community Transit’s brand, define and measure existing brand and subbrand characteristics and understand its recognition in the marketplace. Our objective is to identify existing attitudes, perceptions, opportunities and challenges of Community Transit’s brand and determine any existing gaps between what the brand represents and how the brand is perceived. The research results and assessment outcomes will help to inform a new brand strategy.


The last time Community Transit conducted a Brand Assessment survey was 2004. This year we would like to conduct a survey to help inform a brand strategy. Since 1976, Community Transit has been the primary transit provider for Snohomish County, WA. Community Transit’s Public Transportation Benefit Area has a population of more than half a million people (542,727 in 2014). In addition to serving communities locally, Community Transit provides service to the highly traveled commuter areas in Bothell, Seattle, and Bellevue.

Community Transit offers different types of transportation products to its community. These include Vanpool, Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), Double Tall buses, and DART Paratransit services. Our mission is: “We provide a safe, reliable, and enjoyable public transit experience each and every time. Our services move people and connect communities within a regional transportation network. We make it easier for everyone to get to their destination.”

Scope of Work:



Ongoing communication and coordination with Community Transit Marketing Manager and other agency staff as appropriate


Scoping meeting

o Kick-off meeting with Project Staff

o Implementation meeting with Project Manager and Stakeholders

o Finalizing Task Order

Interim Meeting- progress report

Presentation to team

Research Recommendation

Provide a comprehensive research plan incorporating qualitative and quantitative data that achieves the stated purpose. In order to reach a variety of audiences we would like a variety of contact methods, used (not just online) to inform the findings.

Data Collection

The Consultant will be responsible for all aspects of data collection including:

  • Working with Community Transit to design and test the survey instrument.
  • Determining how to implement the assessment – methodology to be approved by Community Transit. Vendor should be aware of diverse demographics and the potential need to accommodate more than one language.
  • Planning and implementing data collection during the specified collection time frame using vendor resources and in coordination with appropriate staff at Community Transit.
  • The vendor will be responsible for all aspects of data processing

Key Deliverables

The Vendor shall provide the following key deliverables:

  1. Reporting and Presentation:
  2. The selected vendor will design and produce the final survey instrument, collect the data, and process and report results.
  3. Produce a summary report of findings and brief presentation materials to be delivered in electronic (Word, PDF and/or PowerPoint) formats.
  4. Deliver survey data report in electronic (Word and Excel) formats.
  5. Present findings to Community Transit team

Due Date:

September 21st


Community Transit Procurement

Attn: Ginny Justiniano, Procurement and SBE/DBE


7100 Hardeson Road

Everett, WA 98203

Agencies worth considering include Shift Communications and Finn Partners.

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