Infinite CBD: A Company Profile

Infinite CBD: A Company Profile

Infinite CBD is an up-and-coming single source CBD company strategically located in Lakewood, Colorado. The start-up utilizes its own chemical-free local hemp farm and industry-leading refinement to produce some of the purest CBD (Cannabidiol) isolates available on the market today. The young company uses only their farm’s locally sourced hemp to produce the base ingredient for most of their products and, according to Infinite CBD, is honored to be an integral part of Colorado’s farming economy. Along those very same lines, Infinite CBD’s production, lab facilities, and all product manufacturing is handled in-house to ensure perfected products from start to finish. This is how Infinite CBD can guarantee such high levels of purity in every form their product may take.

From necessity breeds, innovation and that could not be more true for Infinite CBD. The CBD brand was created in 2016. The company’s founder noticed a little magic in every drop of CBD oil when a close friend experienced easier, better days with more energy when utilizing the oil. John Ramsay, one of the founders and current CEO of Infinite CBD, saw the spike in energy and the stabilization given to his friend and decided to create and send his version to many many people that he knew in similar circumstances. Once offered, his friend’s feedback made it was clear that there was a bigger buyer’s market for this product than anyone realized. 

That was the moment Infinite CBD was born. 

Products from Infinite CBD
Infinite CBD Product Marketing

In the four years following, Infinite CBD, in addition to their original isolate product, expanded their innovative CBD-infused creations to multiple categories:

  • Oil drops
  • Gummies
  • Topicals
  • Personal lubricants
  • Soap
  • Capsules
  • Pet products
  • Hair products
  • Nano additives
  • Nano water and shots

The Infancy of Infinite CBD 

Infinite CBD was formed by its founders to help people. The creators had a modicum of business ownership experience between them, but they were certainly nowhere near a place of speaking to five and ten-year plans. When the company began to take off, Stephen Ryan and John Ramsay didn’t have a formal plan of business for the next ten days, much less stretching into the next ten years.  

Stephen Ryan, a founder of Infinite CBD, gave me the highlights of the first days of Infinite CBD,

“One piece of our story that people seem to be impressed and interested in is that we started this company with $200 and no investors, and still do to this day have no investors to pay for everything for us. We’ve done everything off profits made with $200 in a completely new industry with massive corporate resistance, as newborn entrepreneurs. To be honest, we’ve been learning as we go, making mistakes – learning the lesson – and fixing the problem as best we could… it was kind of just an idea we had that took off bigger than we ever thought it would. ”

Stephen Ryan, Infinite CBD’s Chief Marketing Officer and Co-Founder
Nano from Infinite CBD
With Nano CBD Enhancer, your body is able to absorb the most CBD possible to give you the help you need right when you need it.

Ramsay and Ryan built a thriving CBD business on good instincts and great listening skills. From the very beginning, Ramsay and Ryan created CBD-infused products that combined with medium-chain triglycerides or MCTs. MCTs do not need bile for digestion and users won’t experience “the burps” the way they can with some oil products. This was one of many decisions from the beginning that has allowed Infinite CBD to grow as it has and become the industry superpower it is today.

Early Hiccups Could Not Stop Infinite’s Growth

Ramsay and Ryan were not only youthful in their entrepreneurial endeavors, but they were beginning a brand new business in a brand new industry altogether. For these new business owners, that presented a whole new host of problems early on that most start-ups are lucky enough to sail right past while Ramsay and Ryan and Infinite CBD had to buckle down and face these early challenges head-on. The largest hurdles seemed to come from the financial sector. Stephen Ryan recalls he and Ramsay dealing with fickle banking institutions and unwilling merchants at the beginning,

 “I can’t even remember how many times this happened, but I would say at least 10 different bank accounts have been made and shut down due to a “Business Decision” from whatever bank we were with. Sometimes they would approve us knowing we were CBD, but then one of their execs didn’t approve of CBD and shut us down because they felt like it, even though we had previously been approved.”

Merchants told a similar story to the banks, but Ryan remembers going through even more merchant service providers than banking institutions from the get-go. The moment they found a merchant service that would allow them to process payments through their system, they would slap a 10% reserve on each transaction because they were a CBD company.

Infinite CBD Products
Infinite CBD’s products take many different forms from pills, ointments, salves, creams, to soaps and topicals even gummy form.

These setbacks, along with many other natural growing pains that come with quick success, created for a tough journey at moments for John Ramsay and Stephen Ryan. Yet each time they were met with adversity of any kind, they acted with resolve to seamlessly troubleshoot these issues to continue to grow. Instinct seemed to be the guiding force that was growing this young business, but its founders were also tuned in to their early clients and making minor shifts in the product based on that early feedback that assisted in getting them here today. An example of this attention to feedback came about when they received a few complaints about the aftertaste of some of the products. The company’s founders reacted fast and built some of their best-selling products to date from constructive customer feedback. Products like their Sour Asteroid Gummies, Broad Spectrum Gummies (a new product launching in July), Terpene Droppers, and Sweetened Droppers

Infinite CBD and the Importance of Customer Education

Infinite CBD makes their customers #1
Infinite CBD 2020 New Year’s Resolution

Infinite CBD prides itself on being a customer and education-focused business. CEO John Ramsay and fellow founder Stephen Ryan wanted to assure the website was insightful and educational beyond the scope of most CBD companies. The website is perfect for the CBD veteran, with an easy-to-use interface to quickly find the products desired and make the purchases, but the web design also fuels Infinite CBD’s desire to speak to the novice buyer and educate them on the purpose of the product to create a smart, informed customer from their first visit.  

In very exciting marketing news, Infinite CBD recently gave its product packaging and website (which quickly garnered industry praise and top honors for design and user experience) a clean, new, and simple layout that makes navigation simple for every new customer coming their way. The reinvented packaging offers a QR code to supply all consumers with the utmost transparency. By scanning this code with a smartphone, customers will have access to third-party lab results to see a chemical breakdown of the products they are utilizing. Gobi Labs, an industry-leading laboratory with A+ ratings through the Better Business Bureau (BBB), was hired by the founders of Infinite CBD to perform intensive tests to determine the strength and efficacy of each of their products. Gobi’s willingness to work hand in hand with Infinite CBD chemists and their consistent accuracy on testing Nano CBD won them the gig. 

The transparency and Infinite CBD’s determination to educate the consumer is refreshing and sets a very promising standard for the cannabis industry in America as it grows in the coming years. Infinite CBD’s business practices are so worthy of highlight that they have won a series of awards, recognizing Infinite’s industry-leading marketing and basic business practices which you can find displayed on the website. Among others, Infinite CBD earned the “Leaping Bunny” in 2018 for the company’s refusal to use animals of any kind for its product’s testing phases.

Infinite CBD is Nothing Like the Cannabis You Smoked in 1993…

It’s evolved. Isolates are pure CBD. One big advantage of the consumption of isolates is they have almost zero chance of fouling up a drug test. Infinite CBD produces products with very specifically thought out levels of CBD built into each to be used responsibly. While THC gained worldwide popularity for its consciousness-expanding abilities, CBD offers consumers the potential benefits of cannabis without what we think of as that ‘high’ feeling. Each cannabinoid plays a key role in enhancing your overall well-being, without any of those multicolored side effects. Full-spectrum products might contain, at most, trace elements of THC, but even the tiniest moment is enough to cause a failed drug test. 

Multi-Cannabinoid Products Launch This Summer

Infinite CBD’s isolates are the purest of the pure, and very soon the creators of Infinite CBD will be launching a whole new line of multi-cannabinoid products. This new line of product will be all THC-free broad spectrum oil as well. Infinite CBD partners with a single source lab that uses proprietary extraction and refinement processes ensuring 0.00% THC. So you can go multi-cannabinoid with Infinite CBD on Tuesday night and still very confidently pee in a cup on Wednesday morning (or on Tuesday night as well) with absolutely no fear. Look for Infinite CBD’s new line of multi-cannabinoid products to launch this summer.

Highlights of the Current Infinite CBD Product Line

Infinite CBD’s multiple tincture types are a match for every kind of customer and are easily digestible featuring a combination of coconut oil with the CBD oil. 

Classic Infinite CBD Isolate Droppers
Classic Infinite CBD Isolate Droppers

The Isolate Droppers are almost tasteless, with just a tiny hint of coconut. While the Terpene Droppers have natural terpenes added to provide the entourage effect for targeted relief. They also come with fruit strains for added flavor and if you are feeling extra fruity that day!

Absolute Zero, Infinite CBD’s isolate powder, is unbelievably flexible. Users can add this in a joint and inhale the benefits or just as easily add Absolute Zero to their favorite topical ointment. Like the tinctures, Absolute Zero is pure CBD Isolate.

The company’s prepared topicals are no less impressive. Its Freezing Point Cream is an easing rub for any body part. It includes cooling ingredients like menthol, peppermint, and eucalyptus in addition to the CBD oil. Afterglow is Infinite CBD’s answer to skin irritation. 

Infinite CBD's Asteroid Gummies, the original

And then there are the Asteroid Gummies, which could be considered the cornerstone product of the Infinite CBD brand. Asteroid Gummies were the first 100% natural and vegan gummy introduced to the CBD industry and truly shot Infinite CBD into the limelight garnering a ton of attention for the entire brand. Asteroid Gummies are regularly singled out as the top CBD gummy on the planet and pack more flavor than most any gummy on the market today. Basically, you can’t buy just one… bag! You’ll want more.

If you buy before the end of June, 5% of all Asteroid Gummies sales are donated to benefit The Trevor Project in honor of Pride Month. So buy now and consume the amazing benefits of CBD while supporting an incredible cause alongside Infinite CBD!

Last, but never least is the Pet Droppers designed for every pet in your household and meant to keep your critter’s coats refreshed and rejuvenated. Launch Pad is a CBD-infused pet salve meant particularly for your furry best friend’s feet and hands (all those paws!) which do seem to take a particular beating on the daily. CBD is more versatile and restorative than anyone ever thought possible and so safe even Fido and Kitty can take part in all the action.

In addition to this diverse lineup of products, Infinite CBD has created CBD-infused lip balms, conditioners, beard oils, and so much more. The company’s dedication to quality and purity is evident in its growth, customer excitement, and its varied lines of CBD-infused products. Not only are they meticulously well-made, extremely beneficial to multiple species on multiple levels, but the sleek, two-tone packaging fresh from a smart rebranding effort, makes this CBD company infinitely more attractive than even their finest competitor.  

“Starting the process to improve the quality of life is always a click away.” 


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Infinite CBD is dedicated to providing the purest CBD products on the market today. With in-house chemists formulating the products and a single-source CBD supply, Infinite creates quality and consistent products to help you in your journey to improving your quality of life. All products offer third-party lab results to validate their consistency and purity. Their industry-leading refinement process produces impressive CBD isolate, bringing customers luxury CBD at affordable pricing. Infinite CBD offers vegan options for plant-based customers, but the Leaping Bunny Certification guarantees a cruelty-free product selection to all. 

Made with 99%+ CBD isolate, found in 1,000+ wholesale locations, having improved the quality of life for over 45,000 households in America, and coming in highly recommended by 96% of product users, Infinite CBD can speak for itself.

Infinite is here to create a CBD revolution.

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