Summer PR Strategies – First Stop Disney Cruise Line

Disney Cruise Line is the media darling of today, with thousands of publications writing about their summer offers, which take families and children to the Mediterranean, the Bahamas, the Caribbean or the Mexican Riviera. No big news there, just a summer campaign, where Disney Cruise Line gets all the benefits of a traditional PR campaign: sales, buzz, awareness, and a bunch of new customers. The campaign is also run by different travel operators all over the world.

The campaign is accompanied by a video describing a vacation that only Disney could plan – a dream-like experience, where everything has been taking care of by Disney. Everything is described in superlatives: magical, unparalleled, luxurious, one of a kind, and so on. You’ll be in a different port every day, visiting different countries, cultures and cuisine while staying in the lap of luxury on your cruise ship.

Moreover, the company is so sure of its success this year, that they’ve already launched a new vessel, the Disney Dream, designed to reflect the glamor of the golden ages. It is a highly entertaining cruise ship, featuring the AquaDuck – a four-deck drop water coaster, the first ever on a cruise ship. In terms of entertainment, it would be difficult to make your children leave the ship to visit a port: there are interactive displays, children clubs, magical creatures, and everything else imagined by Disney. Adults enjoy luxury restaurants, bars, adult exclusive facilities and spas. Last, but not least, Disney Cruise Line is the only cruise line offering a fireworks display at sea.

Aside traditional PR strategies, employing media outlets and video promotions, Disney Cruise Line makes use of more modern channels to reach out to new customers: facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. On the official Disney Cruise Line website, the company fails to deliver an official press release, it does, however, employ better strategies, including special rates for the U.S. military, seniors, Florida residents, and even a special offer for European residents.

Disney Parks works with Coyne PR NY’s office.

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