Madonna Delivers PR Gift to Lady Gaga on SNL

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In a staged appearance on Saturday Night Live, Madonna attacked Gaga in a Deep House Dish musical skit with Kenan Thompson and Andy Samberg. Some found it funny, but the whole deal reminded me of Diana Falzones’s editorial on The Huffington Post – The Lost Art of Being a Lady.

Madonna, who is already known for her hot temper, delivered Gaga a beautifully wrapped PR gift when she “interrupted” her performance, starting to pull Gaga’s wig and yelling “What the hell is a disco stick?” This girls gone wildperformance is what can be seen as the essence of today’s pop culture female icon. Both Madonna and Lady Gaga know how to capitalize on a need that makes them forget sometimes that being in the spotlight at whatever cost is not the best approach to stardom.

What was wrong with Madonna suddenly attacking Gaga and why is this a PR gift? Well, if Perez Hilton ( read between the lines, so should you: “The Queen of Pop has acknowledged that there’s a new Princess of Pop and she’s officially passing on the torch!”

If you think about it, as skilled, talented and beautiful as Madonna is, she indirectly admitted defeat, and her lines were far from being witty. Two quotes got the attention of the media: “What the hell is a disco stick?” and “What kind of a name is Gaga? Sounds like baby food.” What got my attention though were Gaga’s “The kind that’s No. 1 on the Billboard charts” response to the name question and the “Guess what Madonna, I’m totally hotter than you” taunt that left Madonna almost speechless – the “Hey guess what, I’m taller than you” response failed to counterattack Gaga’s wittiness. Touché! Based on Gaga’s performance in the show, Gaga’s statements are far from being overrated. All that’s left for Madonna, at the end of the day, is the weak consolation of being taller…

This display of “wits” still takes me back to Falzone’s editorial. Both these divas, if we can call them that after watching their performance on the Saturday Night Late show, are the antithesis of a lady, and the author of the sketch doesn’t mind capitalizing on this.

“We seem to forget that through certain actions like fist-fighting, screaming, and promiscuity we are perpetuating the misogynistic myth that being a today’s woman means embracing your sexuality in a vulgar and explicit way, nor do we have to leave our etiquette at the door.” – Falzone wrote in her editorial back in March this year. I wonder if Madonna and Gaga ever read, but then again, they don’t want to be ladies. All that matters for these two tremendous talented women seems to be the spotlight, at whatever cost. They will be remembered, of course – the art of being a lady is lost in this type of show biz. Fortunately we still have some living examples of ladies to look up to – but about them, another time.


  1. Mihaela Lica says

    Thank you for the Maria Callas mention Phil, now that’s a lady. As for “Hold Up” – what a sad person, who is not able to see the meaning of an article. Being a today’s woman does not mean embracing your sexuality in a vulgar and explicit way. Gaga and Madonna are no ladies and they have no chance to ever be. As far as the sketch is concerned… funny as it was, it didn’t put Madonna in a good light and I will never understand why she lowered herself to it.

  2. Hold Up says

    This tripe could only originate from a very sad, cynical, lonely being. How unfortunate that women tear each other down with their jealousies and judgments. This skit was silly and fun. There is no call to use it as a weapon in yet another lame put down of Madonna. The Madonna bashing got old years ago. Time to move on. SHE HAS.

    • Phil Butler says

      Well Hold Up, I do not know what to say to that comment actually. Tongue tied at last I am. Well, let me think of something appropriate.

      Actually, in all honesty, my wife and I quite admire Madonna. Can you believe that? Though she has had her ups and downs, she is a supremely talented and smart individual. That being said, she is not exactly aging gracefully though. Well, I mean she is not becoming more lady like as she gets older, she is still a vivacious and very attractive lady. In case you did not notice, I myself wrote an article about Lady GaGa and her likeness to (or desire to be like) Madonna before the two did this skit. Yes it was witty and funny, but the point here was that Madonna perhaps should have been a little beyond or above throwing herself at the promotion of the “would be” next generation.

      She has moved on? To exactly where she was ten years ago, save a little longer in the tooth? There is no need to come here though, and insult the writers. Just express you opinion in a nice way. Criticism is not always intended to be mean you know? You see, there is no balance in your comment, just reaction and anger. In the article, the suggestion is that Madonna made a PR mistake is all. Oh, and perhaps that she should grow up into a lady rather than try to relive sensationalist times.


  3. Ali says

    I think you’re reading too much into this. I don’t think it was a “PR gift” because it was obviously rehearsed and meant to be fun. Lady Gaga is talented and beautiful, but has a slim chance of becoming the icon Madonna will always be.

    Falzone has a point, but she failed to address “equality.” Sure, Jackie O was a “lady,” but what did she do? She married money, dressed nicely, wrote some pretty thank-you notes and… married money. Sure she’s done charity work and made pearls and a-line suits iconic, but I don’t see how covering up makes you a real lady.

    Gaga wasn’t exactly a “rags to riches” story, but she has musical talent and has capitalized on that talent into a multi-million dollar industry–all on her own. Is it all just T & A? Sometimes. But she’s a performer. Ever hear of David Bowie or Freddie Mercury?The men in her shows and videos are just as scantily clad.

    So who’s the real “lady?”

    • Phil Butler says

      Ali, You make some good points, but what do 90 percent of celebrities do? Wiggle their butts, sleep with 500 people, toss a pig skin? Whatever. The point being made is that the way people should mature. Jackie did not change the world, but she did carry herself with dignity. I think this was the comparison. Madonna has been made up, mixed, hyped, and published to pieces. What did she do? Sure she can sing and dance a little, even act. But come on. Gaga, for her part, even though I already did an article about here talent, is simply not THAT talented. We are not talking about Maria Callas here. She is not even as good at shaking her butt as Madonna :)


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