Social Network ConnecTV Launches Fully Synchronized Advertising Network

connectv_logo_200ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX and CW are the first to adopt a new ad platform launched by ConnecTV, a social network for TV fans. ConnecTV’s Ad Sync Network is positioned as the television industry’s first-ever fully synchronized advertising network and allows brands to synchronize a companion experience with their TV spots. This new solution allows viewers to buy what they see, get promotional offers, enter contests, find the nearest store, receive marketing alerts, watch related product videos, schedule viewing reminders and more.

“ConnecTV Ad Sync and TV Words are bringing the power of Google-like products such as Adsense and Adwords to the $80 billion TV advertising industry,” said Ian Aaron, ConnecTV Co-Founder, in a press release. “Our ConnecTV companion ads make TV spots more effective, marrying the powerful sights and sounds of traditional commercials with the lead generating capabilities from digital ads. By working closely with our broadcast partners, we look forward to bringing our new ad sync network hyper local.”

“Broadcasters have been in business for more than half a century because we help local businesses build relationships with our viewers in their communities,” said Pat LaPlatney, VP Digital Media and Business Development at Raycom Media. “ConnecTV’s new ad sync platform enables us to deepen those relationships and offers viewers the ability to act on the ads that are most relevant to them: In the market for a new car? Schedule a test drive at your local dealer – while you’re watching the ad. A promo for a news story catch your interest? Add your local news to your Watch List for an instant tune-in alert on ConnecTV.” This new ad network is available via ConnecTV’s free companion app or any ConnecTV syndication partner, with Ad Sync and TV Words available via ConnecTV’s Social TV Network.

For its debut on the social network, ConnecTV offers a “Charter Advertising” program for brands and their agencies.

As brands get new ways of targeting people and the possibility of drive more sales with them, it looks like it is impossible for viewers to escape commercials on any devices and during any moment of their lives.

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