Content ideation

Coming up with content can be a stressful and frustrating experience. Knowing where to start is not always easy. Content has to evolve to better meet the needs of the audience and consistently coming up with compelling ideas may seem daunting. A process is needed, as there is no one particular idea to develop content. A business has to pay attention to what its target audience wants to read.

Assessing current content

Before trying to create new content, a business should take a look at all the content that is available. It is important to figure out what a business already has. It is also important to determine whether the content that a business already has is any good at all. There could be some raw content that is valuable and can be leveraged while adopting a particular type of content strategy. There have been businesses that have created new white papers and hired agencies only to realize through the process that much of the content had already been created. A content audit at the right time would have saved time and money.


Hashtags can also be used as beacons for content. By searching on Twitter and Instagram, one can monitor what is being discussed on a particular topic on social media. Hashtags can also be used on other social media platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn. Hashtags help to categorize and label content And can help content to reach relevant users. Hashtags used can be for campaigns and events or industry hashtags.

Use content analytics

Content analytics helps to measure and analyze visitor traffic and engagement. Analytics should be looked into on a weekly basis. A business should know what people are most interested in and how they are finding the content of the business. It makes more sense to create content around what is most important to the target audience of a business. There are different content analytics systems available, such as Google Analytics, Semrush, Bitly, and Ahrefs.

Seek the help of employees

Employees from different departments of a business can also help to create raw content. Raw content can be the information that makes them subject-matter experts. Employees can help with ideas for content. If some of them do not seem to be too keen to open up, They can visualize what they want to say and can write down key concepts and phrases. This is an effective way to organize thoughts for longer content.

Do research on generalized queries

There are many unanswered questions that people may have about a particular industry. Like Quora, there are also sites available that provide answers to such questions. Questions that seem relevant to a business can be selected from there. If a content creator is confident that they can answer the relevant questions, and even expand on them, then they can create content based on those questions which would help to provide answers and information. It is also important to think from the point of view of the target audience.

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