Content Marketing and AI 

Artificial intelligence (AI) still tends to hold some negative connotations for some people, as the term can conjure up images of soulless machines. Although there are certainly bad actors in AI, there are certainly great use cases for it in content marketing where  companies can use artificial intelligence to simplify the management and content creation process for everyone involved. Here are a few ways that companies can utilize artificial intelligence in their content creation efforts and overall content marketing to improve the overall process and product, not replace the people that are creating the content.


Personalization at a large scale is understandably difficult for a company to master. However, increasingly, treating every customer in the same isn’t going to generate positive results for businesses. In fact, customers these days expect companies to provide them with personalized content and experiences. Companies can rely on artificial intelligence tools to better understand each segment of its target audience and collect important information on each customer to create a profile that will be further developed and used for the company to create personalized content and experiences for each of its customers.

Customer behavior

It’s not easy for companies to understand all the behaviors that their customers exhibit, especially in terms of their purchasing decisions. In fact, companies have long been searching for better ways to predict the types of actions that their audiences are going to take given different circumstances or options. Fortunately, now companies can rely on artificial intelligence to analyze the past behavior of their target audiences, and use the information to create a personalized buying journey for each of their customers.

User experience

When potential customers feel like they’re receiving the right messages from companies, and that they are treated as people and not just potential customers, they will have an overall better user experience. This positive experience is going to turn them into repeat buyers, and even brand advocates for the company and its solutions on social media platforms when done well. Companies today can use artificial intelligence to uncover the many different touch points that customers have with their businesses on a daily basis and use this information to find the right balance and provide their audiences with an improved user experience. AI tools can thus help companies improve the =overall experience that each customer goes through so that the company understands how to efficiently reach out to that potential customer throughout every stage of their buying journey. 

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