Brands, BeReal and Effective Marketing 

With over 50 million downloads and other platforms now replicating similar features, the popular photo sharing application, BeReal has had quite an impactful year, especially with younger generations. However, unlike other social media channels, the feed that BeReal has created for its users has no suggested posts or ads, which could be the reason why brands have been slow to start using it. Nevertheless, it’s a great place for companies to create direct relationships with their loyal consumers and highlight their brand authenticity, even though the platform has very different features compared to other platforms. For one, despite its popularity, the platform currently doesn’t have the metrics that other social media platforms already have, such as click through measurements or calls to action. That means, if companies want to measure the performance of their social media campaigns on BeReal, they must focus on the value that they can get that goes beyond these types of metrics, such as brand reputation.  The other obstacle that companies face when using BeReal is the fact that there is a limit on friends, and that means only a small number of people can see or truly engage with the content that the company is sharing on BeReal. That said several companies have used BeReal quite successfully by using it to deepen existing relationships with their customers on the platform and make them feel like they are a part of a smaller, more exclusive group. Here are two examples of brands that have leveraged BeReal successfully. 


Before the holiday season, Logitech became one of the latest brands to join BeReal and used the platform to promote its annual holiday campaign to the users of the platform. The company took a different approach to its annual holiday gift guide, using BeReal to connect with its younger audience on the platform.. As part of its gift guide, the company started sharing photos featuring the Elf on the Shelf, already popular among consumers on BeReal,next to its own products.

American Eagle

Another brand that recently joined BeReal was American Eagle, which decided to scale its brand presence on the platform by providing its target audience with offers like daily discounts and deals in the lead up to Black Friday sales to great effect.

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