Content Marketing Budgets Are Growing

A survey by Marketo confirms what every savvy PR and social media strategist expected for a while now: content marketing is competing with traditional advertising, and is gaining teritorry.

Marketo compiles its data into a gripping infographic, which reveals the usage of online content marketing, and trends. We learn that 51% of the survey respondents plan to increase their content marketing spending over the next 12 months, while 45% will maintain their current budgets.

The most popular form of content marketing by far is social media, holding a 79%. Article posting still counts for 78%, followed by in person events (like seminars and conferences) 62%, email marketing 61%, case studies 55% and blogs 51%.

The most interesting part of the survey is the content marketing spend by company size. The general average is 26%, but companies with fewer than 10 employees spend 34% of their budgets on content creation and distribution, more than any other medium-sized and large company, despite the fact that their budgets are considerably smaller.

Please refer to the inforgraphic below for in-depth marketing intelligence.

content marketing infographic

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