Cook Inlet Aquaculture Association Issues Website RFP

Cook Inlet Aquaculture Association (CIAA) is inviting proposals to rebuild the organization’s website, CIAA is looking for a contractor to help rebuild our current website using WordPress. The contractor will be responsible for the creation of the overall site design, including the graphic look and site organization. The contractor will create the framework, page templates, navigation, page headers, and other graphic elements (digital photos/video will be provided). CIAA will be responsible for producing individual website pages using the page templates created by the contractor. CIAA will write all the text for the website. Accessibility and usability of the site should be of primary consideration.

An estimate of the future cost of operations and maintenance of the website (not part of this contract) should also be included. The new site is intended to serve as a public communications tool and educational resource to increase public awareness of CIAA, the history of CIAA, and the sustainable salmon fisheries that are provided by CIAA in the Cook Inlet watershed via hatchery operations and habitat work in support of natural salmon populations.

The current website is on a Joomla Content Management System (CMS). CIAA would like a new website design that will be based on WordPress CMS technology. The website currently consists of approximately 50–60 articles (pages). The current website also includes password-accessible only pages for CIAA’s board members and managing staff. Also currently on the website are a number of .pdf documents and reports by CIAA that need to be easily searchable without being familiar with the site structure.


Cook Inlet Aquaculture Association is a non-profit corporation founded in 1976 to provide and protect the salmon resource in the Cook Inlet Watershed. We produce hatchery-born, ocean-raised salmon for the common property fishery in Cook Inlet. Maintaining and improving salmon habitat and natural salmon populations is also an important part of CIAA’s work.

Scope of Work:

The scope of work shall include but is not limited to the following:

1. The contractor will create:

                a. A set of page templates created using WordPress CMS.

                b. Graphics as needed, such as site navigation tools (buttons, menus, bars, etc.)

                c. A graphics design scheme that will provide consistent branding. Operability and navigation      should be consistent throughout the site.

                d. An estimate of annual maintenance including website hosting, WordPress updates, and applicable licenses. Although this contract will not include those costs, a subsequent contract/agreement may be negotiated for annual maintenance.

2. CIAA will provide:

                a. Logo and promotional materials as needed.

                b. Website text, maps, digital photos, and video.

                c. Assistance with creating pages from templates created by the contractor.

                d. Final approval in the selection of graphic design and color schemes.

3. The final product:

                a. Features, links, pages, templates, and back-up processes should be fully functional.

                b. Compatible with common versions of software and hardware; common Internet browsers such as Edge, Explorer, Chrome; and mobile devices.

                c. Optimized for search engines.

                d. Plug-in enabled for the incorporation of above-listed future features.

                e. Section 508 US Rehabilitation Act-level accessible, including features for visual and language accessibility.

Due Date:

August 16, 2019


Lisa Ka’aihue, Special Projects Manager

Cook Inlet Aquaculture Association

40610 Kalifornsky Beach Road

Kenai, Alaska 99611


Via email:

Agencies worth considering include Alison Brod PR and Makovsky PR.

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