Corpus Christi Water Marketing &  Communication Campaign

Release Date: May 8, 2024

PROPOSALS DUE: May 23, 2024, 2:00pm CT

1.4. Procurement Officer and Delivery Address:

Minerva Alvarado

City of Corpus Christi – Contracts and Procurement

1201 Leopard St., 1st Floor Corpus Christi, Texas 78401

Phone: (361) 826-3163

Section 4 – Scope of Work

4.1. General Requirements

The City of Corpus Christi Water (CCW) seeks to engage a turn-key reputable

marketing firm to spearhead a comprehensive and communication strategy for

water supply development projects. The City’s commitment to ensuring long-term

water security and sustainability for its residents, stakeholders, and community

partners is of upmost importance. Through this RFP, CCW aims to select a firm

capable of developing and implementing a dynamic campaign that will educate,

engage, and inspire community-wide support and participation.

The selected firm will be responsible for designing and executing a strategic

marketing campaign that effectively communicates benefits, processes, and

environmental considerations of the water supply projects. The primary goal is to

foster a deep understanding and robust support among all community members,

thereby facilitating widespread engagement with the initiative. The campaign may

also extend to cover related themes such as water conservation and other

environmental sustainability efforts undertaken by the City.

4.2. Scope of Work

Services to be performed include, but are not limited to, a review of the current

marketing channels and strategies, utilization of current platforms, turn-key

implementation and enablement, routine in-person and or virtual meetings with

City staff, reporting, and recommending future digital marketing initiatives to meet

current and future operational needs. In addition to implementing new campaigns

the firm will take primary responsibility for all digital and print marketing, and provide

ongoing support toward existing water supply development initiatives. The vendor

selected must act as a partner and work with the the City to increase education,

engagement, and community-wide support for new water supply development


A. Public Relations

1. Develop and implement PR strategies to effectively communicate with

the public, media, stakeholders, and other relevant parties.

2. Create comprehensive communication plans to disseminate information

about the water supply projects through various channels, including press

releases, newsletters, social media, and the municipality’s website.

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3. Develop marketing materials, such as brochures, videos, infographics, and

presentations, to showcase the features and benefits of the new water

supply projects.

4. Facilitate community engagement activities, such as public meetings,

workshops, surveys, and feedback mechanisms, to involve residents and

stakeholders in the planning and decision-making process.

5. Develop a crisis communication plan and provide support in managing

any unforeseen issues or challenges related to the water supply projects.

B. Market Segmentation

1. Conduct a detailed analytical analysis within the first month of contract to

identify sentiment and perceptions across diverse community segments.

2. Develop and implement strategic messaging to effectively engage with

various stakeholders, community partners, and residents of all demographics.

C. Marketing Strategy

1. Create and implement a comprehensive marketing strategy that underscores

the significance of the development of a new water supply to Corpus Christi’s

future water security and sustainability.

2. Utilize a mix of media, including digital, print, and all available communication

channels, to disseminate engaging and informative content to a wide

audience on a regular basis as recommended by the firm.

D. Content Creation and Implementation

1. Provide a range of creative services on a frequency based on strategy

recommendations, from innovative design to content production, tailored to

resonate with and include all community members.

2. Content formats may include videos, graphics, social media posts, blogs,

social media reels, live recordings, and other digital and traditional media


E. Reporting

1. Implement continuous campaign monitoring and analytics tracking, with

regular reporting to the CCW team.

2. Adjust strategies based on performance metrics such as clicks, click-through

rates (CTRs), search relevance, impressions, and community sentiment.

F. Ad Trafficking:

Oversee the management and placement of advertisements across various

channels, including but not limited to Google Ads SEM, display ads on high-traffic

websites, social media, and traditional outlets like billboards and print media.

G. Media Placement:

Handle the strategic placement of all campaign media, ensuring optimal visibility

and engagement across radio, TV, streaming services, print media, influencer

marketing channels, and digital platforms.

H. Collaboration

1. Work in close partnership with CCW and the Communications Team

throughout all campaign stages, from design and creation to execution and


2. Maintain open lines of communication with the CCW team, who will serve as

the primary contact throughout the campaign’s duration.

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