A vendor has been selected to develop the website. The purpose of this request for proposal is to seek a marketing professional to develop content for the website on an ongoing basis. Canton, Connecticut is a town of approximately 10,300 people located on the Farmington River in the North Central region of Connecticut. Following its early days of being known internationally for the production of axes and machetes, Canton has evolved into an attractive location for a broad range of professionals who work in the region’s advanced manufacturing, finance, sports entertainment and health sciences sectors. The town hosts hundreds of in-home businesses and is now known as a destination for dining, entertainment, outdoor recreation and the arts.


The Town of Canton seeks a professional firm or individual to provide ongoing marketing services to support the Town’s new Marketing/Tourism website. The Town is in the process of creating a new digital marketing initiative through the development of a website to support local business and tourism along with recruiting new businesses.

Scope of Work:

The selected marketing professional will be responsible for providing content for the new marketing/tourism website. The goals of this website will be to:

· Increase traffic to Canton’s stores and restaurants

· Build awareness of Canton as a destination

· Increase visitation to Canton’s arts, cultural and tourism assets

· Build synergy between local and regional marketing agencies, such as CTVisit

· Measure and benchmark the success of the marketing, public relations and communication initiatives

· Promote Canton as a location to start a business or bring an existing business This will be accomplished by providing the following services:

· Create and manage content for the marketing website

· Provide marketing support for special events which will include a variety of promotional and advertising initiatives

· Manage social media postings related to marketing efforts

· Monitor and evaluate impact of marketing program on a routine basis

Responsibility surrounding the content for the marketing/tourism website shall include:

· At least one blog post weekly highlighting a relevant topic such as a new business or special event

· Numerous high quality photograph monthly emphasizing local attractions or events

· Managing a calendar of events

· Drafting brief articles about businesses or events which will build awareness of the region

· Providing marketing messaging and topics that will enhance web browser capabilities and search optimization

· Working with community stakeholders and the website vendor to maintain an active, current and vibrant website that will highlight the economic, recreational and cultural benefits that Canton has for the region Proposal Requirements The submitted proposal must include the following:

1) Firm or individual description, including basic contact information such as office address, phone, website and email plus the primary and secondary points of contact. Also include information on the size of the firm and the various capabilities offered and biographical information on the principals and personnel who will be assigned to this account. Please specify who in your firm will be assigned to this project.

2) Describe the professional qualifications of the person or personnel who will be involved in the project.

3) Provide information on your approach to this project. Please be specific in describing your methods of keeping website content fresh and relevant on an ongoing sustainable basis.

4) Provide and describe specific examples of similar work products to enhance economic and tourism growth and provide links to where these products can be viewed.

5) Provide the names with contact information for other government agencies you have worked with in the past three years or are working with now.

6) Describe your specific methods and ability to gather and effectively utilize content for the marketing website.

7) Provide a proposed fee schedule described as a monthly lump sum inclusive of hourly rate and expense schedule along with an explanation of how fees are established. Also provide a listing of services available and potential costs, if any, that are related but outside the scope of work described in this RFP.

8) Any additional information that will assist in evaluating the qualifications of the consultant.

9) Provide three professional references for similar work that has been performed by your firm including the names, addresses, titles, email addresses and telephone numbers of the person most familiar with the work General Conditions And Instructions

Disclaimer: This Request for Proposals (hereinafter, “RFP”) is not a contract offer. Proposal Submittals: Proposals must be submitted no later than 12:00pm, on September 25, 2020. Proposals may be hand delivered (Town Hall hours are limited due to COVID-19, check Town website for hours) or mailed to: Office of the Chief Administrative Officer Town of Canton 4 Market Street PO Box 168 Collinsville, CT 06022

Due Date:

12:00pm, on September 25, 2020


Office of the Chief Administrative Officer Town of Canton 4 Market Street PO Box 168 Collinsville, CT 06022

Agencies to consider include Porter Novelli and MWWPR.

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