Profile of Porter Novelli


Profile of Porter Novelli

Bill Novelli and Jack Porter brought the Porter Novelli PR company to life in 1972, with a quest to open people’s minds and eyes with a company that puts communications first. Working with some of the world’s biggest brands, Porter Novelli took a unique approach to the public relations world, looking for ways to bridge the gap between companies and their customers. Today, people around the world know the Porter Novelli name, and the company has offices in locations all the way from North America, to Asia Pacific and Europe.

Leadership and Clients:

One of the world leaders in public relations, and one of the biggest PR companies around, Porter Novelli has 90 offices spread across 60 different countries. The company delivers exceptional service to clients across the globe, and they’re known for their pioneering work in the space of social media marketing. With a reputation that’s grounded in influence, Porter Novelli knows what it takes to transform behavior and opinions.

Porter Novelli partners with industry leaders from a range of sectors to generate the biggest potential impact for their customers. Though they work in numerous fields, this company is best known for its position in the technology, health and wellness, food, purpose, and reputation management areas. Clients working with this company include 7UP, Timberland, McDonald’s, Disney, Braun, PepsiCo, and many more.

Perks and Problems:

Porter Novelli believe that great collaboration is at the heart of everything they do. However, their reputation as an employer has seen some controversy over the years. Although many workers consider Porter Novelli to be a great place to work, with fun extras like book clubs and happy hours, many also think that there’s a terrible lack of work/life balance.

While some experts believe that a good work/life balance is difficult to come by in an area as competitive as PR, others feel that there aren’t enough culture-building activities in Porter Novelli to allow for a good work atmosphere.


Porter Novelli offer a range of distinct services to their customers, ranging all the way from content creation and digital marketing management, to public relations and communication building. Embracing imagination and big thinking, Porter Novelli are experts in the world of social media management, event creation and brand building.

Getting a Job with Porter Novelli:

For those interested in joining the Porter Novelli team, the company has its own career site available, where new jobs are regularly uploaded to the page. Candidates who can’t find a role that matches their skill set on the career page can send their resume and cover letter to the Porter Novelli company for a chance to work with them. The company claims that it’s always on the lookout for aspirational individuals who want to join the team.


Porter Novelli is part of “OPRG” a global collective made up of the three top public relations agencies across the globe. The OPRG features specialist agencies in areas including marketing to women, global health strategies, and corporate social responsibility. The Omnicom Public Relations Group is also part of the DAS company group – which includes more than 200 companies in a range of disciplines including healthcare, public affairs, advertising, relationship management, research and branding.


Porter Novelli has offices across the globe, including locations in North America, Latin America, EMEA, and Asia Pacific.

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