Profile of Porter Novelli


Profile of Porter Novelli


Conceived of in 1972 by founders Bill Novelli and Jack Porter, the public relations team at Porter Novelli is on a mission to open people’s eyes and minds – and put communications first.

Bill Novelli and Jack Porter first worked together to boost the profile of the Peace Corps before launching their own firm. Through combining their classic marketing disciplines, dedication to making a positive social impact on the world and public relations communications expertise, Porter Novelli was born. The company’s first major client was the National Institutes of Health, on whose behalf they created the National High Blood Pressure Education Campaign.

In the decades since the company first opened its doors, Porter Novelli has built relationships with some of the world’s biggest brands, including Timberland, Johnson & Johnson, and the ALS Association. Throughout countless large-scale campaigns, the company has always sought to take a unique approach to the world of public relations, and look to bridge the gap between brands and their customers.

Today, the Porter Novelli name is known all over the world, and the company has offices in North America, Europe, and as far as the Asia Pacific.

Porter Novelli Services

The team at Porter Novelli offers a range of skilled services, including business facilitation, reputation building and innovation campaigns. In practice, this has made Porter Novelli a one-stop-shop for content creation, digital marketing, brand building, public relations management, event creation and communications strategizing.

No matter the brand, Porter Novelli looks for relevant and innovative solutions to motivate audiences to reconsider behaviours, while driving clients’ businesses to the next level.

Porter Novelli Clients and Leadership 

Porter Novelli is a global leader in public relations, and one of the biggest PR companies in the market. With 90 offices dotted across 60 different countries, the company has a client list to match.

Porter Novelli is known for its pioneering work in the social media marketing space, with the team well-versed in how to transform behaviour and opinions. It’s a reputation grounded in influence, and Porter Novelli continues to deliver exceptional service to international clients by the year. 

At present, Porter Novelli partners with industry leaders from a range of sectors, each assured of delivering the biggest potential impact for their customers. With a client list that includes 7UP, Timberland, McDonald’s, Disney, PepsiCo and Braun, Porter Novelli is a company best known for its position in the areas of technology, health and wellness, food and reputation management.

Perks and Challenges at Porter Novelli

Porter Novelli is adamant that great collaboration be at the heart of everything the company delivers. “The strength of many is more powerful than the egos of a few,” reads the Porter Novelli website, “we help others – colleagues and clients alike – unlock their potential and break down barriers.”

Even so, Porter Novelli’s reputation as an employer has been hit with some controversy over the years. While many employees at the firm deem the workplace an excellent one, with fun extras like book clubs and happy hours, some in the team have expressed an issue with the work/life balance as a Porter Novelli team member. In the competitive world of PR, ensuring such a balance is no mean feat for any company.

In the same vein, other employees feel that the firm lacks enough culture-building activities to build a good work atmosphere. With a spirited and eclectic team, Porter Novelli certainly has its work cut out for it.

Getting a Job with Porter Novelli

Working with Porter Novelli means joining a competitive and creative team of PR professionals determined to push the boundaries. For those interested in taking a seat at the Porter Novelli table, the company has its own career page online, where new jobs are regularly uploaded. 

Candidates who can’t find a role that matches exactly with their distinct skill set can send their resume and cover letter to Porter Novelli directly to enquire about unlisted openings. According to the company, Porter Novelli is always on the lookout for motivated and aspirational individuals looking to join their team.

Porter Novelli in Context

The Porter Novelli business is part of the global OPRG, or Omnicom Public Relations Group, collective, made up of the top three public relations agencies across the globe. The OPRG membership includes specialist agencies in crucial areas, including marketing to women, global health strategies, and corporate social responsibility efforts.

The OPRG is also a part of the DAS company group, made up of more than 200 firms spread across a range of disciplines, including advertising, relationship management, public affairs, healthcare, branding and research.


Porter Novelli has offices all over the world, with locations spread across North America, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East and the Asia Pacific.

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