Tasc Group: Company Profile

Founded in 2005 by Larry Kopp, TASC Group was built to work with nonprofits, political advocacy groups and businesses alike. TASC is based in New York and has handled some of the worlds highest-profile nonprofit and advocacy campaigns. The TASC Group offers a wide range of services to the firm’s equally wide range of clientele. Focused on social and corporate responsibility, TASC works in a variety of mediums and with a variety of methods to achieve the goals of its clients.


One of the main focuses of TASC is Public Relations. The firm has worked on some of the highest-profile PR campaigns in a variety of areas including social justice and advocacy, human rights, healthcare, the arts and more. TASC has a focus on media, communications and entertainment within the public relations sphere. 

Another focus of the TASC Group is Cause Related Marketing. With the aim of assisting nonprofits and companies that are engaged in corporate social responsibility, TASC has helped publicize advocacy events, create and promote fundraising opportunities, and create positive corporate reputations and visibility. 

One final noteworthy area of service for TASC is a focus on Storytelling and Messaging. The goal with this service is to create clear, strong messages for clients, with compelling stories. This is done by sharing a client’s work and passion for the cause the client is focused on. 


In 2018, the TASC Group won the PRSA Big Apple Award in Crisis Communication. That same year, the company also won awards for diversity and inclusion, events and observances, public affairs and issues management, PR on a shoestring budget, and more. Previously in 2017, the firm had won the PR Daily Corporate Social Responsibility Award. The firm has many more awards under its belt, but these are the most recent and notable.

Clients and agents of the TASC Group

Some of the notable clients of TASC are Arms Around the Child, Audible.com, Bread for the World, and Refugees International. There are more than two dozen notable current, and former clients listed on the TASC Group website.

The company also provides media coverage of clients and client initiatives. TASC works with nonprofits, political and social advocacy groups, as well as for profit businesses.

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