Corporate Social Responsibility as a PR Tool

The biggest misconception about corporate social responsibility (CSR) is that it’s purely altruistic. Although CSR can be used in this manner, it is also a strategy for maintaining or improving a company’s reputation.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a broad term used to describe a company’s efforts to improve society in some way. These efforts can include donating money or products to nonprofits or employees, volunteering, or reducing waste. Many companies try to make a positive impact on society through CSR.

The idea of corporate social responsibility has been around since the early 1950s, but it wasn’t until the past decade that business leaders have fully embraced it as something more than a philanthropic gesture.

Why is CSR important?

Corporate social responsibility isn’t just about doing good things; it’s about being seen doing good things. In today’s world, consumers are increasingly aware of what goes on behind the scenes at their favorite brands, and CSR can be an effective way to build that all-important trust between your brand and its customers.

Corporations, as part of their public relations strategies, often engage in philanthropy. This is a great way to enhance a company’s brand and build customer loyalty.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a business approach that contributes to sustainable development by delivering economic, social and environmental benefits for all stakeholders.

A company expresses its CSR through its policies, practices, and actions. This can take many forms:

  • Financial support for charities or non-profit organizations
  • Community involvement or sponsorship through volunteer work
  • Environmental initiatives to reduce pollution
  • Employment benefits

CSR as a PR Tool

In the past, companies focused solely on the bottom line. If they sold a good product at a fair price, they considered their job done. But today’s consumers are more aware of the effects businesses have on society and the environment.

That’s why most companies have taken to CSR. They want to do good while they’re doing well. But there’s another reason companies are investing in CSR: it is good for their public image. CSR improves brand loyalty and helps attract new customers.

The proof is in the numbers: A study found that three-quarters of Americans consider a company’s social and environmental commitments when deciding where to spend their money. Another study by the same firm showed that 90 percent of Americans are likely to switch brands to one associated with a cause.

Public relations professionals often play an integral role in developing and implementing CSR strategy, since the goal of any such activity is often to raise awareness about an organization’s positive actions.

CSR has become increasingly popular among both consumers and companies in recent years. According to Cone Communications’ 2017 CSR Study, 90 percent of global consumers say they’d switch brands to one associated with a good cause, and 81 percent think companies have the power to positively impact social and environmental issues.

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