5 Tips for Creating Eye Catching Content

Your next week’s posts are scheduled on HootSuite, and your ads average less than 20 cents per click. Everyday you post new, engaging content on your pages, but only 1 person ‘likes’ it all (probably a co-worker or your mom). And, your blog or media site is loaded with good tips, but when you post links to it no one seems to notice, you’re doing everything by the book, so what is the problem?

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How are you marketing your content? 


It’s time to take a step back, take a moment to see if you’re covering these 5 aspects of eye-catching content.

The ‘Top 5’ Post

If you’re reading this there’s a good chance it’s because the title suggested there would be 5 specific pieces of advice. It’s simple and straightforward. Don’t make your readers work more than they have to. But be careful about overdoing it; find a happy medium. The point is “top 5” engages, the reasons don’t matter.

Stay current.

Unless you live in Miami, the beach isn’t coming to you any time soon, most of us have to go to the water to swim. The same can be said for social media. You have to go to where conversations are already happening. Find ways to relate current events to your content, then your efforts are related and relevant to, the conversation.

Say Cheese!

Using pictures in your posts is the easiest way to get a reader’s attention. A great image with a link to your content simply takes up more space on the screen, and in a reader’s mind. The old saying; “worth a thousand words”, was never more true.

Be Human

How would your group or business sound if it were a person speaking? Figure that out, then make sure you sound the same as in real life (IRL). Don’t be shy; show some feeling in your writing. Action words are a great way to catch people’s attention (ex: Make sure Santa doesn’t screw up this year. Click here for great deals on tablets.) Users won’t follow a page that reads like a textbook.

And, remember to answer comments thoughtfully. If there’s a way to continue any conversation you should go for it. Answer with another question, a link to something related to the post, tag commenters in your response to make the message personal. Think about what it really signifies when someone takes the time to comment.

Make when as important as what.

Depending on the type of page your online community will be more active on certain days and times. A restaurant should post lunch specials around 11 AM on weekdays. A musician’s new track should hit the fan page after work hours and closer to the weekend. When are people checking in with your page? Review your analytics and look for patterns.

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