Enterprise State Community College Business Office Issues Marketing RFP

Enterprise State Community College Business Office Issues Marketing RFP

The Enterprise State Community College Business Office (ESCC) is seeking an advertising and marketing agency.  They seek someone to conduct market research, develop an advertising strategy with an aim to primarily to recruit students for Enterprise State Community College (ESCC) which includes the Alabama Aviation Center (AAC) a unit of Enterprise State Community College. Enterprise State Community College (ESCC) was established in 1963 as one of the original twelve state junior colleges within the State of Alabama.


  • Identify opportunities by conducting research on the market demographics of people within the ESCC service district (Pike, Coffee, Dale , Geneva, & Western Houston Counties)
  • Identify opportunities by conducting research on the market demographics of people within the ESCC/AAC service district (Coffee, Dale , Pike, Houston, Geneva, Henry, Covington, Mobile , Baldwin , Escambia, Conecuh,  Butler, Monroe, Lowndes, Montgomery, Bullock, Marshall , and  Barbour  Counties)
  • Use the newly compiled research data to develop an aggressive advertising strategy/campaign aimed at recruiting students to enroll at ESCC.
  • Implement the campaign by negotiating, purchasing and placing media on all relevant outlets over the course of the contract.
  • Provide meaningful and ongoing return on investment (ROI) data for all media placed.


With a new logo and a new website launched in 2017, the College is looking for an advertising and/or marketing contractor or agency to continue to bolster the College ‘ s marketing and advertising approach using the latest and most effective tactics and technology available. The selected contractor or agency’ s efforts will coordinate with and supplement  the ongoing  work  by  ESCC’s Public Relations Department, which leads a host of public relations, media relations, graphic design and publication efforts for the College.

Proposals should include:

  • Collaborate with the College’s PR Department to develop an integrated marketing plan to position the College as the institution of first choice for target audiences and as an educational leader in the aforementioned service areas.
  • Image assessment and enhancement, brand promise clarification and effective communication  of  coordinated, consistent  brand  execution messages.
  • Development of strategic plans for media advertising and placement to effectively reach target audiences and allocate limited advertising funds, with regular follow-up assessment and evaluation of the effectiveness of these plans.
  • Development, production and placement of innovative, effective advertisements (print, broadcast and digital media) and/or collateral pieces that accomplish  marketing  goals.
  • Occasional representation of the agency at College meeting s designed to present marketing plans and/or increase faculty, staff or student involvement in those plans.
  • Regular meetings with Public Relations to discuss market in g plans, strategies and design consistencies.
  • Develop an advertising placement /purchasing strategy for contract  period  that  is designed  primarily to  recruit  students and secondarily to enhance the reputation of ESCC and ESCC/AAC. Said strategy can include but is not limited to, a combination of traditional (print, TV , radio , etc.) and non-traditional (Internet  radio,  social  media ,  guerrilla,  etc.) channels. Said strategy should include a detailed calendar  of  media  placements  and  data  compilations  that  take  into  account ESCC’ s three annual course  registration  periods  (which  precede  semesters  starting  in  August  ,  January  and  May) and ongoing recruitment efforts (high school visits , College Night  events,  direct  mail  campaigns ,  etc.)  led  by  ESCC’s    Admissions   Department.
  • Negotiate competitive rates and purchase media on the Co llege ‘ s behalf for during the contract  period.
  • Resize, rearrange, add to and otherwise alter advertisements as needed. All creative content should take into account modern graphic design and advertising standards  while adhering to ESCC’s  brand  standards.

Proposal due by March 30 to:

Address RFP to:
Alonzetta Landrum-Sims, Dean of Finance and Administration Enterprise State Community College
Business Office, Room WA-114 600 Plaza Drive/ P. 0.  Box 1300
Enterprise, AL  36331

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