Creative Media Advertising RFP Issued by the Michigan Department of Health

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The State of Michigan and the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) will use this contract to communicate messages with the general public utilizing, but not limited to the following methods:

· Television

· Radio

· Social and Digital Media

· Website graphics

· Print and Outdoor

· Transit

· Brochures and Flyers

· Translated materials

Please Note: The primary focus of advertising messages is a “Call to Action” encouraging consumers to visit a website for information, obtain a publication, call a hotline, or talk to their health care provider.

Scope of Work:

This is a Request for Proposal (RFP) for Creative and Media Advertising Services, and associated Clearinghouse activities for the State and MDHHS. The Contractor must be able to provide the following, Creative and Media Advertising Services and Clearinghouse services. The Contractor must be the primary contact for all Clearinghouse services.

· The estimated Contract Value is $39,675,000.00, with and estimated annual budget of $13,225,000.00. Please Note: Additional State Agencies my request use of this Contract; additional State Agencies will be added via Contract Change Notice.

1. Requirements 1.1.General Project Overview The Contractor must provide Deliverables and Services for all Projects outlined below. Please be Advised – Additional Project may be added or removed as needs or funding arises. Additional State Agencies may be added as indicated in the SCOPE. MDHHS’s current Projects include the following:

1. I Vaccinate Budget: $1.48 million Message: I protect. I defend. I vaccinate. Protecting my child is the top priority. Current Status: Developing media plan Additional Information at: Target Audience: Pregnant women and women of children under the age of six with increased focus on low-income mothers, first-time mothers, and African American mothers. Program Summary: I Vaccinate is a joint public-private effort of the MDHHS and the Franny Strong Foundation. The campaign highlights that there is medical consensus on vaccines—they are safe and effective at preventing disease and protect entire communities from outbreaks. The campaign aims to create a positive conversation surrounding vaccines and the reasons why most parents do fully vaccinate their children. It is especially important during the pandemic as many parents have fallen behind on their children’s vaccination schedule and well visits.

2. Flu and COVID Vaccines

Budget: $1.25 million Message: Let’s face flu season together. Got MI Vax Current Status: Approved and running (COVID status and messaging TBD) Additional Information at: Target Audience: Individuals 6 months or older, living in Michigan, emphasis on high risk groups, minority populations, essential workers, health care providers and first responders

Program Summary: Flu is a contagious respiratory illness typically in the nose, throat, and lungs caused by influenza viruses. It can result in mild to severe illness and sometimes death. The best way to prevent flu is by getting vaccinated each year with a flu vaccine. Because COVID-19 is still a threat in our state, it is more important than ever to stay healthy and protect yourself against preventable illnesses, we are preparing to educate the public about vaccine safety and eventually about the vaccine.

3. Sexual Assault Hotline

Budget: $300,000 Message: When you’re ready to talk, we’re here to listen. The Michigan Sexual Assault Hotline is a free, confidential, and anonymous resource. Current Status: Developing Plan for FY 21, FY 20 plan waiting approval. Additional Information at: Target Audience: Men and Women 16+, Caretakers, Guardians, Teachers, Daycares, College students.

Program Summary: The Sexual Assault Hotline campaign encourages survivors to call the sexual assault hotline and visit the website for resources. The hotline provides crisis counseling and referrals, and explains health options, and legal options/rights as well as connects survivors to local organizations. It also helps provides resources for individuals to recognize the signs of sexual assault.

4. Crime Victims Compensation Hotline

Budget: $475,000 Message: If you have been physically injured in a violent crime, call the Crime Victims Compensation Hotline Current Status: Planning Additional Information at: Target Audience: Victims of crime, first responders to crime, victim advocates Program Summary: The hotline helps crime victims and their immediate families with the financial costs of crime. Costs that may be eligible include medical treatment, counseling, funerals, crime scene clean-up, grief counseling and loss of income or support not paid by other sources. The hotline’s phone number is changing for the first time in decades in 2021. The program would like to update the concepts to coincide with the change in number.

5. Michigan Developmental Disabilities Council Budget: $400,000 Message: People with intellectual and developmental disabilities have the right to be active members of the community. Inclusion starts with you, open up. Everyone has the right to vote. Individuals with disparities have the right to vote, including those with guardians. Current Status: Not Started Additional Information at: Target Audience: Individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, caretakers, family members, employers, community leaders, and the public. Program Summary: Michigan Developmental Disabilities Council (DD Council) is an advocacy organization that helps people with developmental and intellectual disabilities have the opportunities and support to achieve their full potential and life dreams. The DD Council is housed within the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services.

6. Children’s Trust Fund (Estimated FY 21) – $30,000 Budget: $30,000 Message: Stand up for kids by donating, buying a CTF license plate, bidding in the auction or participating in Child Abuse Prevention Awareness Day Current Status: Not Started Additional Information at: Target Audience: 18+ with a HHI of over $40,000 who are dedicated to the wellbeing of Michigan’s children. Program Summary: Children’s Trust Fund serves as a voice for Michigan’s children and families and promotes their health, safety, and welfare by funding effective local programs and services that prevent child abuse and neglect.

7. Veteran Navigators Budget: $100,000 Message: Walking with warriors. Veterans supporting Veterans. Veteran Navigators are here for Michigan Veterans, Military members and their families. Navigators are Veterans or family members of Veterans who are proud to serve fellow warriors with compassion and care. Current Status: Not Started Additional Information at:

Target Audience: Adults 18+; men and women who have served in the military regardless of discharge status and their families. Program Summary: Veteran Navigator Program was created to help Veterans and military families of all eras, branches of the military and discharge types. They work to connect Veterans and their families to federal, state, and local resources to ease issues regarding mental health, substance abuse, housing and other common issues that impact veterans in order to support healthier lifestyles and provide support.

8. Michigan PFAS Exposure & Health Study Budget: $15,000 Message: Sign up to be a part of something bigger. Learn your PFAS levels for free and help advance PFAS research. Current Status: Finalizing Creative Additional Information at: Target Audience: Adults 18+; men and women who have served in the military regardless of discharge status and their families. Program Summary: The Michigan PFAS Exposure and Health Study, or MiPEHS, is a multiyear study to research exposures to PFAS and health in the Michigan communities of: the City of Parchment and Cooper Township in Kalamazoo County and the Rockford/Belmont Area in Kent County. The campaign is recruiting participants for the study.

9. Foster Care Recruitment – $300,000 Target Audience: People ages 25-54 who may be interested in becoming a foster parent in Michigan. Message: To raise awareness of the need for foster homes in Michigan. Particularly foster homes that can take placement of teens and siblings. Direct people to the website to learn more and take the first steps to becoming a foster parent. Current Status: FY20 media plan pending approval AdProgram Summary: Foster Care identifies and places children in safe homes when they cannot remain with their families because of safety concerns. Foster families provide these children with the consistency and support they need to grow. Our main goal is to return children back to their homes when it is safe. If a return home is not possible, adoptive families are needed.ditional Information at:

10.Diabetes Management and Prevention – $200,000 Target Audience: People in Michigan ages 30-70 with diabetes or at risk of getting diabetes. Message: Get help to manage diabetes and learn the ways to prevent it. Current Status: Developing FY20 media plan Additional Information at: Program Summary: The mission of the MDHHS Diabetes Prevention and Control Program is to establish and implement prevention strategies to reduce the morbidity and mortality due to diabetes and its complications among Michigan residents.

11.Problem Gambling – $1,750,000 Target Audience: Adults 21-64 years old in Michigan who have a gambling problem and family of problem gamblers who need help. Message: If you or a loved one has a gambling problem; help is available by calling the Michigan Problem Gambling Helpline. Current Status: Planning Additional Information at: Program Summary: The Michigan Problem Gambling Helpline, 1-800- 270-7117, is open for crisis intervention and referral to treatment. Trained and experienced counselors are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week by phone or virtually to provide immediate help to address issues related to gambling disorder, including screening services and referrals to treatment or support groups.

12.Michigan Crisis and Access Line (MiCAL) – $500,000 Target Audience: Primary target audience are citizens of Michigan who need behavioral health help or substance use disorder treatment help and do not know where to go to get help. We will want to tailor messages to a wide variety of demographic groups. Secondary target audience are allied helping professionals who might refer people to MiCAL including but not limited to Medical professionals, law enforcement, educational staff, ministers, and probation and parole officers. Message: One place for all Michiganders in crisis or with behavioral health needs to go for immediate support, helpful information and resources, and coordination with local services—available 24/7, 365 5 days a year, to everyone regardless of severity, insurance status, or ability to pay. Current Status: Planning Additional Information at: (website not yet developed)

Due Date:

Thursday, December 17, 2020 10:00AM


Solicitation Manager Name: Sarah Walter Direct Phone: 517-256-4237 Email: Main Phone: 1-855-MI-PURCH 1-855-647-8724

Relevant agencies to consider include Porter Novelli and Shift Communications.

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