SHIFT Communications: Integrated PR & Communications

With close to two decades of communications firsts, some of which have become best practices, the agency prides itself as the first agency to recognize the importance of analytics in marketing and communication strategy and evaluation.

Founded in 2003 following the acquisition of Sterling Hager – a defunct PR agency – by three former executives, the agency has thrived into an integrated communications agency merging science and art to create breakthrough campaigns for brands.

Employing technical and creative skills to develop and launch integrated programs that help brands connect with their target audiences, SHIFT Communications uses data and analytics to harness creativity, generate breakthrough campaigns, and create compelling brand stories.


#1. Rick Murray, Managing Partner

Heading SHIFT’s team across the US, Murray leverages more than two decades of experience to help teams in many sectors worldwide. Thanks to his competitiveness, energy, and curiosity, the experienced managing partner helps clients improve reputations, build brands, and successfully navigate the dynamic media and technology spaces.

#2. Leslie Clavin, Vice President

Serving as a trusted advisor for B2B organizations, Clavin employs more than 15 years of expertise in network technology, databases, semiconductors, storage and security, to increase efficiency in marketing and communication systems.

Skilled in leading highly-strategic programs that are designed to accomplish key communication objectives, Clavin also plays a pivotal role in nurturing strong relationships with leading media outlets and analysts.

#3. Sarah Babbitt, Vice President, Agency Marketing

Leading SHIFT’s communication, Babbitt focusses on raising awareness of the agency’s novel approaches, thinking and work within the industry.

Drawing from more than a decade of client-side experience in creating high-impact and high-visibility programs, Babbitt delivers exceptional campaigns for companies in the energy, data & analytics, HR, marketing and advertising, and transportation sectors.

#4. Matt Raven, Vice President, Search

Being SHIFT’s vice president of search, Raven employs more than 12 years of experience to design and run result-oriented content marketing and search strategies that generate qualified leads, qualified traffic and improve a brand’s reputation. 

To increase the reach of media campaigns, Raven incorporates deep knowledge in SEO, online reputation management, and digital marketing.

Some noteworthy campaigns that Raven has developed and run for clients include GoDaddy, Doximity, Dole, and Citrix. What’s more, Raven’s thought leadership activities on forums like Influencer Marketing Days and PRSA have put the agency on the map.

#5. Jim Joyal, Partner

Having co-founded SHIFT in 2002, Joyal serves as the point of contact with new businesses. Tapping into a depth and breadth of extensive communication experience, Joyal tries to understand each brand’s marketing needs and link their operations with appropriate teams within SHIFT.

Leveraging more than three decades of experience in agency leadership, Joyal offers unique insight towards SHIFT’s expansion strategy. Joyal’s insight has been pivotal in adjusting the agency in the highly dynamic public relations space

#6.Heath Rudduck, Chief Creative Officer

Rudduck helps organizations create highly engaging and immersive experiences that deliver desired results through highly-targeted B2B campaigns, branded content, and tailored user-generated social media campaigns.

With extensive experience spanning the launch of an award-winning agency, creating fully-integrated communication agencies and securing more than $160 million of B2C and B2B business, Rudduck has a knack for creating highly-engaging campaigns for clients around the globe. 

Brands that the Chief Creative Officer has created award-winning campaigns for include, Michelin, GMC brands, Goodyear, Pillsbury, Mayo Clinic, Niagara Conservation, and Betty Crocker.

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