Milk & Honey PR: PR Agency Profile

Milk & Honey PR: PR Agency Profile
Milk & Honey PR: PR Agency Profile

Milk & Honey PR is a public relations agency with offices in London and Sydney. They have been awarded the New Consultancy of the Year 2018 award by PRCA Dare Awards. This PR agency specializes in working with ambitious companies to continue their growth, and Milk & Honey PR helps them achieve those goals by nurturing and managing their reputations.

The professionals at Milk & Honey PR always start by working with the individuals at a company, rather than following the numbers. They collaborate with senior decision-makers to reinvent the ways that businesses communicate with their target audiences. What that means is these professionals are specialists when it comes to enriching the stories and the messages that companies are trying to communicate with their customers.

Milk & Honey PR helps companies connect with an audience by improving their stories, by making those narratives more inspiring, more colorful, or even just by making them less complicated than they need to be. Then, they build intelligent PR campaigns surrounding these stories and add additional rich messages that bring more value to each of their client’s companies.

Different Type of Public Relations

The team of public relations experts at Milk & Honey PR consists of passionate communicators, committed strategists and intelligent individuals, whose ultimate goal is to help companies grow and share their success.

Additionally, the way that they bring success and growth to their clients is a little different from many other public relations agencies, as they tend to look into the outcomes of each campaign, and not the hours that went into creating it. Whenever their team of professionals is working on a campaign, they always focus on the details, and on creating the right message which is truly going to resonate with the target audience.

When it comes to working with Milk & Honey PR, each and every one of their strategic tactics and solutions, as well as their creative ideas regarding public relations campaigns or plans, always delivers. The agency takes a great value of creativity and passion, however, this is an agency where the people always come first, before anything else.

The founder of Milk & Honey PR, Kirsty Leighton, has over 25 years of experience working in communications and corporate brand public relations. She started the agency to be able to create a healthy and happy place where people can work, and where the people are always put first.

Some of the services that Milk & Honey PR offers its clients include corporate reputation and brand management, human relations services, digital design as well as video production services. Milk & Honey PR has worked on public relations strategies and campaigns for numerous clients, including Macmillan, The Inner Circle, Turo, Liva Healthcare, PriceSpy, BigCommerce, Personal Group, Independent Growth Finance, The Ambition Plan along with many others.

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