Department of Mental Health Issues RFP For Marketing Help

The Department of Mental Health Issues RFP For Help With Marketing Plan

To develop a Marketing Plan for the book and video which will include translating advertising goals and strategies into effective media buys and schedules.


The Department of Mental Health’s (DMH) Division of Child, Youth and Family (CYF) Services provide a variety of supports to Massachusetts youth with mental illness and their families. DMH believes that families are experts on their children and that both youth and family participation in treatment is essential to the recovery process. Every youth and family has strengths, which are important to help overcome challenges, and DMH services focus on building upon those strengths. Services offered through DMH to eligible youth are intended to be strength-based, trauma-informed, family-driven, youthguided, and respectful of the culture and preferred language of the youth and family. Engaging and communicating with a wide array of stakeholders across the Commonwealth is essential to this mission. Different Kinds of Hurt: Isaac’s Story is a graphic novel and video for elementary and middle school-aged children, it shows how an honest conversation about “different kinds of hurting” between two classmates can have a lifelong effect.

Scope of Work:

CYF is seeking a vendor to do the following:

  1. Conduct 4-8 focus groups. CYF will work with the vendor to identify and target multiracial and multiethnic groups in the Commonwealth of MA to determine, 1. the appropriate age group, 2. parental response to the book and video, and 3. where the identified racial and ethnic groups will get information about the book and video. The vendor will develop focus group questions and collaborate with designated DMH staff for approval, prior to the commencement of the focus groups. The vendor will be responsible for all logistics including, finding and securing space to hold the focus group meetings and provide participant incentives. Focus groups must begin no later than 8/15/18 and complete all tasks assigned by 10/31/18. Locations will be determined and finalized by DMH staff and vendor.
  2. Vendor will develop a Marketing Plan for the book and video which will include Translating Advertising Goals & Strategies into effective media buys and schedules; Promotion Development & Implementation Assistance; and Direct Marketing & Social Media Marketing. A preliminary Marketing Plan will be submitted by the vendor to the Deputy Commissioner of DMH CYF by 10/1/18. Upon completion of final focus group, a final Marketing Plan, including strategy for implementation will completed by the vendor by 11/15/18.

III. Vendor will begin implementation by 12/1/18 and will complete all duties agreed upon with the designated DMH staff by 6/30/19. DMH reserves the right to adjust the scope to ensure the project is completed.

Due Date:

August 6th


Electronically in COMMBUYS:

Agencies who could be a fit include Rubenstein PR and Shift Communications.

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