Differentiating a Business With Influencer Marketing

When companies are trying to get potential consumers to convert, they have to invest in content that will differentiate them from their competitors. This is how businesses stay at top of their minds and gain a competitive advantage. In most cases, before a consumer converts, they’ve already familiarized themselves with their options and businesses that are able to meet their needs. What they need during this stage of the buying journey is something that will convince them to take the last step. They’re not looking to take the company’s word that the solution will meet their needs. They need more.


One of the best things that companies can use when they’re trying to get potential customers to convert is proof. The proof can come in the form of case studies and white papers or customer reviews, and user-generated content. No matter what a company uses, it should show, instead of tell that the company’s solution is the best. The best way for companies to provide potential customers with proof is through someone that’s had hands-on experience with the company’s solution. Providing potential customers with reviews or case studies are great ways to do that. This is because the company is able to support its claims with unbiased testimony. Potential customers will also get a chance to see how the other customers used the solution. They might even come across some tips on getting the most out of the purchase. 


Showing potential customers how happy others were with the purchases they made is not enough. Companies should highlight the results that those customers saw. Customers want to know the outcomes and successes they can expect from using the solution, not just how they had their needs met. Potential customers need to feel that they’re only going to be able to achieve the same success if they make the same decision and buy from the business. Then, when the potential customers are finally ready to convert, they’ll be looking to achieve success. They’ll be thinking about achieving success in the same way that other people did before them. Because the company created content that showed the customers what made the company and its solution the best.

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