How to Attract Thousands of Twitter Followers

There are a lot of ideas out there being shared on how to make your Twitter account blast off.  Here are a few we thought are un-conventional, yet worth sharing:

1. Hashtags.

    Nope, we’re not talking about the traditional use of hashtags on your posts. Use them as a search vehicle to find people interested in the same things you are. People who have used a hashtag that would appeal to your target customer. Then start following them. Don’t worry so much about checking each account out. Follow about 50-100 per day for the next month. Maybe search four different hashtag phrases and pick 25 accounts for each per day.

You will probably get some likes back. That will amp your numbers, but here’s the real reason to do this. From everything we can tell, when you consistently like more than a few accounts every day, your account will start showing higher on Twitter’s suggestion list to people interested in those same topics. One of the staff tried this trick on her personal account that has been open for a year and had barely over 100 followers.

Within a matter of minutes she had picked up 10 new followers – that’s a 10% increase in minutes. We’re looking forward to seeing how that account progresses over the next couple of weeks. Also, following 100 new accounts took less than five minutes to accomplish, so it is not a big time investment.

2. Be interesting.

    Yes, just like every other social media platform, content is king. Using hashtags as a search engine vehicle makes more people aware of you, but if you aren’t bringing anything interesting to the table, they aren’t going to keep returning. Remember Twitter is about saying something in a very limited number of characters.
    If you are great at one-liners when you are entertaining your friends, then it is a natural for you to do the same on your Twitter account. If you are more quiet and reserved, let that show through too. Just make sure while you show your personality, you do it with a bit of your unique flair.

3. Try the trends.

    Don’t go all wacky about what is trending, but check out the list of trending topics and hashtags once a day or so. If there’s one that catches your attention, then use it and add your thoughts. Make sure what you say is what you really feel, but have some fun with the trending topics.

Now you have a few more options to try. Remember if your account is a business one, you want to be professional in your posts while also grabbing the attention of your target group. Don’t oversell, offer some value to people who follow you and have some fun.

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