Diffusion PR – Making Your Brand Matter

Diffusion PR - Making Your Brand Matter
Diffusion PR – Making Your Brand Matter

Diffusion PR is an independent, award-winning and results-driven public relations agency, that specializes in travel, technology, and CPG brands. The agency has offices based in New York City, Los Angeles, and London, so they are able to help multiple brands globally.

In a world that’s constantly changing and an industry where everyone is trying to win every battle they take part in, Diffusion PR is there to grab the attention of the right people and focus it on things that really matter. They have a team of experts that excel in storytelling and connecting a brand to its audience.

One of the fundamental elements of the agency’s mission is bringing the story of what a brand does to life. However, Diffusion PR takes it a step further by showing the audience why that brand in particular truly matters.

Diffusion PR was co-founded by Daljit Burji and Ivan Ristic 10 years ago and, since then, this impactful agency has brought in plenty of awards. In 2019, Diffusion PR was recognized by Big Apple Awards in four different categories – “Events & Observances (More Than Seven Days),”, “Spotlight: Video,” “Best Partnership,” and Diffusion PR’s chief of staff Sarah Katz also received the award in the “Exceptionals Under 35” category.

The awards in 2019 didn’t stop there. The agency was also awarded two Hermes Platinum Awards on top of a 2018 victory for Diffusion PR’s USA managing director, Kate Ryan, who won the “Exceptionals Under 35” category at the Big Apple Awards.

All of these awards show that Diffusion PR is one of the top names in the public relations industry, and they take each and every one of their clients and their stories seriously. The goal of the agency is to clearly define the story and the message that’s going to resonate with the audience.

The team onboard Diffusion PR has a passion for helping the clients differentiate themselves from the ever-growing crowd in their respective field, and to find a strong position within it. Their experts do this by understanding that every campaign and each brand has its own needs, which means there is no single cookie-cutter approach that will work across the board.

Diffusion PR provides brand strategy and messaging services, integrated campaigns, media relations, social media coverage, crisis preparation and response as well as organizing events and experiential campaigns. The professionals onboard are original thinkers who are naturally curious and strategically smart.

The agency has been working with plenty of brands all across the board, including Hilton London Bankside, London Stansted Airport, Secret Escapes, Zeelo, Air New Zealand, Robox, Bookatable, Deloitte and many others.

The team uses creativity in both the contemporary as well as the traditional public relations approach when working with clients’ brands so that they can deliver PR campaigns that will engage the audience and persuade them, in order to bring in measurable results.

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