Social Media That Is Socially Engaged, with Mediakix

Social Media That Is Socially Engaged, with Mediakix

With a reach of over 25 million users, the Mediakix amplifier effect is nothing to be sniffed at.

With everybody wanting a slice of consumers attention in an ever-deafening online space, brands are having to work harder to be seen, and heard. The rising stars of contemporary marketing, then, are the influencers: individuals with reach, having built rapport and authenticity with their audiences in a way that brands may never be able to achieve.

In the years since the firm’s launch in 2011, leading influencer and digital media agency Mediakix has been connecting brands with influencers across YouTube, Instagram and a host of top lifestyle blogs, using its network of thousands of blogs, accounts and channels to reach audiences across the fashion, home, design, lifestyle, men’s, travel, photography and technology sectors.

A self-described online media and video evangelist, Mediakix CEO and Founder Evan Asano has bootstrapped his agency through more than seven years of growth; working with a high-profile client list that includes the ABC, Kraft, Fox Studios, NBC Universal, Palm, Relativity Media, Sony Electronics, Toyota and Unilever, Mediakix has built a reputation for innovative approaches to authentic delivery and scalable audience reach.

The Stanford-educated Asano launched Mediakix after serving as Head of Advertising Sales and Solutions at major content creator Whalerock Industries, as well as a stint in business development at online media distributor Revision3. His background in quality content generation and sales shines through Mediakix campaigns, ranging from dynamic account takeovers to breathtaking destination travel shoots.

Even so, Asano’s path to media management success hasn’t always been a clear run. Stranded in long-term unemployment following the financial crisis and a shaky start to entrepreneurship, he knows the gravity of hard work- as well as the importance of confidence in risk-taking. It was this stage, perhaps, that drove home the need for authenticity in engagement.

Now, Mediakix is one of the fastest growing influencer marketing agencies, attracting driven individuals to its growing team from a range of backgrounds. From graphic design to sales, account management to marketing coordination, Mediakix is recruiting vibrant employees to keep this advertising giant ahead of the ever-evolving social media curve. It even runs an internship program from its Los Angeles office, for students and graduates alike.

With an experienced team, the Mediakix offering is comprehensive: undertaking strategy and concept work from the outset, high performing campaigns for top brands are part and parcel of the portfolio of this industry leader. For the best part of a decade, Mediakix has facilitated branded and sponsored content campaigns to engage audiences, drive brand awareness, and boost brand engagement and product sales on an international scale.

The Mediakix office can be found in Santa Monica, California.

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