Digital Advertising RFP Issued By James Madison University

James Madison University (JMU) is a comprehensive university in Harrisonburg, Virginia that is part of the statewide system of public higher education in the Commonwealth. The university offers programs on the bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral levels with its primary emphasis on the undergraduate student. There are eight (8) colleges, a Graduate School, and a Professional and Continuing Education program. JMU’s current enrollment is approximately 22,000 full and parttime students.

The University employs approximately 4,000 faculty and staff. University Marketing & Communications works to raise awareness and increase engagement with the JMU brand to ultimately aide in the recruitment of the best students and encourage giving. To achieve these goals, University Marketing & Communications works in partnership with more than 30 communicators embedded in various programs, units, and departments throughout the University. While JMU’s communications partners are encouraged to maintain their own social media channels, newsletters, websites, and other marketing collateral, it is the role of University Marketing & Communications to centralize and oversee all paid print and digital media advertising. University Marketing & Communications as well as communicators across campus launch many paid digital campaigns using a variety of firms to include social media, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Internet Protocol (IP), targeting, retargeting, etc. JMU Professional & Continuing Education delivers quality educational opportunities for individuals and communities by providing access to innovative and dynamic experiences throughout every stage of life. We offer to individuals (ages five to forever), businesses, and our community transformative educational programs and experiences through our various programs which include professional development (non-credit courses) and credit programs with our partner colleges.

JMU’s Graduate School assists faculty throughout the campus offer a wide array of graduate programs leading to doctoral, master’s degrees or certificates. Among other services, this office is responsible for managing campus-wide and program-specific marketing efforts that include web development, video development, digital marketing, prospect inquiry management, e-mail marketing, and traditional marketing approaches (graduate fair representation, directory listings, radio advertising, viewbook development, etc.). Digital marketing and remarketing to regional, national and international audiences is an essential part of the graduate school’s marketing strategy. The office is also responsible for managing the university admissions system, managing curriculum development, the governance system for graduate education, serves as the registrar for graduate education, and providing a wide range of services to enrolled students.

Scope of Work:

James Madison University seeks to establish a partnership with an experienced firm to provide full

service digital advertising services to JMU’s central University Marketing & Communications as

well as all communications offices across all programs, units and departments in the University. The

Contractor shall work directly with the multiple communications offices across campus to advise,

plan, execute and report on digital campaigns that are managed by the Contractor and will provide

consultation and assistance for campaigns that are managed by JMU staff members. The Contractor

shall effectively manage and balance concurrent campaigns to ensure audiences are not being over

saturated with competing messages and most effectively manage budget. The Contractor shall

provide routine reports on marketing campaign performance to inform JMU’s strategic performance

of the programs.

JMU will provide the following to the awarded Contractor:

 Access to historical results from paid online search engine marketing, social media

marketing, IP targeting, and retargeting campaigns.

 Access to organic engagement metrics for JMU’s owned digital properties.

Offeror shall provide a detailed response to each of the following:

A. Describe in detail the firm’s capabilities related to the following functionality (provide any

pricing information in Section X Pricing Schedule):

1. Search Engine Marketing

2. Retargeting

3. Mobile Marketing and/or Location-Based Services

4. Social Media Marketing to include capabilities specific to Facebook, Twitter,

Instagram, LinkedIn, and Snapchat

5. Marketing on media streaming services such as Hulu, Pandora, Spotify, podcasts,


6. IP Targeting

7. Web Display Advertising to include targeting capabilities

8. Google Analytics Integration

9. New marketing tools and resources

10. Search Engine Optimization and Content Marketing

11. Creation of landing pages, microsites, or forms connected to a digital ad.


12. Integration with a university CRM (such as Slate, SalesForce or CollegeNET) to

track prospect clicks and import new prospect data.

13. Creative content production (not all university groups will require content

production, provide rates as optional pricing information broken out in Section X).

14. Consultation regarding best practices and approaches for particular campaigns

without obligation to use the services of the firm to implement the campaign.

15. James Madison University seeks to find Contractors with expertise in both

consultation and development of digital advertising services. Vendors may provide

one, both or any subset of the requested services.

B. Provide examples of the following:

1. Case studies of work performed for clients, preferably in the higher education and/or

non-profit space.

2. Successfully working with multiple constituents at once across an organization that

may have competing priorities and needs.

3. A sample reporting/metrics dashboard for a digital campaign and monthly reports.

4. Creative content for various programs under one brand.

C. Describe the firm’s experience in providing digital advertising services with special

emphasis on work performed for higher education and/or non-profit clients.

D. What are your companies’ goals and objectives in the areas of diversity, equity, accessibility,

and inclusion?

E. What current examples of diversity, equity, and inclusion marketing do you have that have

been successful?

F. How do you push diversity, equity, and inclusivity through marketing efforts for a university

that is majority white?

G. Provide the names and qualifications of the individual(s) who will act as the primary contact

for JMU.

H. Confirm understanding of the following: All intellectual material created by Contractor for

JMU under this contract, including but not limited to slogans, campaign themes, advertising

and research, will become the property of James Madison University and will be provided

to JMU in the form requested on or before the submission of an invoice for payment

Due Date: 2:00 PM on 08/12/21 


Commonwealth of Virginia

James Madison University

Procurement Services MSC 5720

752 Ott Street, Wine Price Building

First Floor, Suite 1023

Harrisonburg, VA 22807

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