United Nations Seeking Digital Agency To Fight Extremism

United Nations Seeking Digital Agency To Fight Extremism

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) as the leading development agency in  the United Nations system has sought to understand the drivers of violent extremism. UNDP Africa has developed a four (4) year regional project anchored UNDP Africa’s Regional Programme that will  contribute to preventing and responding to the growth of violent extremism across the continent. The project articulates a development response and addresses structural, causative or perpetuating factors. The initiative focuses on twelve (13) countries including: countries at the epicentre of the crisis; neighbouring countries affected by violent extremism and countries at risk.

As part of the project, UNDP has carried out a study to better understand the journey to extremism. The study consists of over 400 interviews with individuals belonging to extremist groups, some who are currently incarcerated, as well as their family members. The results of the survey will be thoroughly analysed and will result in a report that will be released in both print and web-based versions.

UNDP is now seeking a digital agency to support the design and technical development and delivery of both the print and web- based versions of the report.

Scope includes:

  1. The designer will develop storyboards for print and web versions of report results and execute their production. The designer will work in close collaboration with the UNDP communications team to finalise a strategy.
  2. In line with the communications strategy, the designer will develop the web and print layout of the report
  3. Design new concepts, text lay-out, graphics, visualisations and lay-outs for the both versions;
  4. The web programmer will deliver across all stages of web site development including concept, design, build, deploy, test, release and support;
  5. The web programmer will ensure that performance of the website is ensured in all connection speeds and website pages are accessible;
  6. The designer will design and deliver print media, including brochures, rolling banners and information graphics, that summarizes report results (which will be part of the communications strategy)
  7. The team will create animations for illustrative purposes such as presentations and more advanced solutions such as interactive visuals and videos;

Proposal due by September 11th to:

United Nations Development Programme
Main Bole Road, Olympia roundabout, DRC Street P.O. Box 60130 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
E-mail: registry.et@undp.org

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