Digital Campaign to Promote Homeland Security

1200px Seal of the United States Department of Homeland Security svg
1200px Seal of the United States Department of Homeland Security svg

The State of New Hampshire, Department of Safety, Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management (DOS/HSEM) is seeking proposals to contract with qualified commercial FM radio stations, advertising agencies or communications consultants to broadcast advertisements through radio and digital channels promoting individual preparedness and public safety.

The multi-faceted mission of DOS/HSEM encompasses the lives, safety and preservation of the quality of life of New Hampshire citizens and visitors to the State. One of the most important functions of DOS/HSEM is to promote safety and security of our State and inform citizens of potential hazards. The Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management (HSEM) is responsible for coordinating the State’s response to major disasters. This includes natural disasters such as hurricanes, floods and severe winter storms, and human-caused disasters, such as nuclear power plant accidents, chemical spills or terrorist incidents. HSEM collaborates with state agencies, municipalities, businesses, and the private sector to ensure and increase emergency preparedness across the spectrum. The intent of this proposal is to leverage existing materials and integrate resources to provide for public sector outreach and public awareness. With the assistance of a contractor, HSEM will develop a marketing plan that will coordinate and capitalize on existing programs and tools for all-hazard disaster preparedness, prevention, response, recovery, and homeland security. The goal is twofold: 1) to create better prepared New Hampshire citizens that are able to sustain themselves, which will result in less demand on local, state and regional resources during a disaster; and 2) to encourage New Hampshire citizens to be mindful of and to report suspicious activities or items they encounter, which will result in a better informed intelligence community, an increased ability to frustrate terrorist attacks, and a safer homeland. A coordinated outreach effort to increase awareness regarding both topics will enhance New Hampshire’s ability to prepare for, protect, respond to and recover from a catastrophic or terrorist incident through community resiliency and awareness. Radio commercials will be provided to the contractor and aired across the State as part of these campaigns. The contract amount will purchase air time on commercial FM radio stations as well as access to digital distribution of messaging.

Scope of Work:

The responsibilities of the contractor are listed in Exhibit A

2.4 Reports and Monitoring

A. The contractor will provide digital and hard copy quarterly reports to DOS/HSEM in a digital Microsoft Excel compatible spreadsheet file that identify the station(s) broadcasting the announcements, when they were broadcasted, estimates of the size of the audience reached, dollar value of the airtime, date and time of airing, and total number run.

B. The contractor will develop a method of measurement and evaluation in concert with DOS/HSEM for post-campaign assessment.

Due Date:

May 4, 2021 2PM


State of New Hampshire Department of Safety Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management Vanessa Palange 33 Hazen Drive Concord, NH 03305

Relevant agencies to consider include MWWPR and Prosek Partners.

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