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Seeking a firm to design a turn-key marketing strategy and campaign designed to reduced originating leakage at Corpus Christi International Airport (CCIA) by 20% from the 2019 calendar year levels. In 2019, leakage to San Antonio and Houston airports was estimated at 45% of the originating traffic in the market. This campaign will launch in early 2021 as the airport and the airlines work to recover from the traffic downturns brought on by the coronavirus pandemic.


The City of Corpus Christi (“City”) hereby issues this request for proposal (“RFP”). The City is seeking proposals from firms interested and qualified to provide a turn-key Digital Marketing strategy and campaign. The City intends to enter into a Service Agreement (also referred to herein as “Contract” or “Agreement”) for these services.

Scope of Work:

A. Contractor must be a Google Premier Partner firm.

B. Contractor shall create digital ads and a landing page with marketing messages that are designed to reduce originating market leadage at CCIA. Leakage refers to local travelers who will drive to other larger, regional airports to get less expensive fares and non-stop flights.

C. Contractor shall execute the campaign with constant monitoring and adjustments made for any underperforming ads or sudden or cumulative changes in the industry that dictate an altered approach with creative.

D. Contractor shall manage the campaign and report results data and performance to airport staff. This data shall include but not limited to clicks, clicks through rates (CTR’s), Coversions, number of relevant searches, and impressions.

E. Contractor shall collaborate with an aviation/airport consultant during the design, creation, execution and management of this campaign and have that consultant on the management team for the duration of the camplaign.

F. Contractor shall have proven experience and demonstrated success working on leakage campaigns for airports.

G. The technical and management aspects of the campaign will include:

1. Google Search Engine Marketing (SEM) – target geographics (Nueces, San Patricio, Kleberg, Aransas, Jim Wells counties), target in-market consumers who are using established key words to search for airfare with emphasis on CCIA’s top destinations as determined by the airport staff at the time of campaign development.

2. Display advertising – on high traffic websites that are visited by CCIA’s target market.

3. Location based mobile advertising (geo fencing Airports in San Antonio and Houston).

4. Remarketing via Facebook.

5. Conversion set-up and reporting.

6. Reporting Dashboard where results can be tracked and analyzed day by day.

7. Tracking and reporting with flexibility to adjust creative for any reason deemed necessary by airport staff.

8. Flexibility in target word searches to maximize spend.

9. Dedicated project manager with built-in approval process for all creative elements.

Due Date:

February 2, 2021 2:00pm CT


Minerva Alvarado City of Corpus Christi – Contracts and Procurement 1201 Leopard St., 1st Floor Corpus Christi, Texas 78401 Phone: (361) 826-3163

Agencies to consider for this assignment include Prosek Partners and Ruder Finn.

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