Dothan Civil Center Issues Promotional RFP

Dothan Civil Center Issues Promotional RFP

The city of Doltan, AL has issued an RFP for a broadcast television station(s) to promote the Dothan Civic Center and Opera House, and to enhance the exposure of the City of Dothan to its target audience of possible event attendees in the City of Dothan, Houston County, Dale County, Henry County, the Panhandle of Florida and Western Georgia.

About the Donthan Civic Center and Opera House

Dothan as a business, cultural and leisure center for the Wiregrass area lead to the construction of the Dothan Civic Center. The “crowd pleasing” 3,100 seat arena annually hosts a diverse range of events– from concerts, trade shows, sporting events to much, much more.

Dothan has been pleasing crowds since 1915, when the city fathers built the Dothan Opera House, a facility where the acoustics are so good that the Atlanta Symphony chose it as the place to record their records. Recently renovated, the Victorian styled center of Dothan’s cultural life is on the National Register of Historic Buildings. Today, the Opera House hosts dance recitals, business seminars and meetings, choral ensembles, beauty pageants, community theatre and concerts in the beautiful 590 seat theatre and upper level conference room. Other amenities include two large and four small dressing rooms, and an historic elevator. The entire facility is ADA accessible. Professional production equipment is provided to include conventional theatre lighting, public address audio system, contour curtains plus free bars.

The advertisements shall consist of a 30 second video/audio product.

  1. With maximum 9 seconds at the beginning on the front end announcing the facilities (Dothan Civic and Opera House);
  2. A middle section not to exceed 15 seconds of upcoming events, which will be updated on a monthly basis. An example calendar of events is included for your information.
  3. The remaining 6 seconds giving the contact information for the facilities along with social media contacts.
  4. Advertisement will be reviewed and approved by the Performing Arts Director prior to amng.
  5. Updated new schedule of events will be provided by the  25th of the month for changes to be implemented into the commercial to be aired by the first of the following month.


  1. Coverage -The proposal shall outline objectives for these items, listed in this order:
  2. Achieving maximum media coverage in the bidders’ market, specifically highlighting coverage in City of Dothan, Houston County, Dale County, Henry County, the Panhandle of Florida and Western Georgia
  3. Visibility exclusively with the target audience of possible event attendees. Promotion should be scheduled during hours for 5:00 am to 11:00 pm with an emphasis on prime time programming and those shows that mirror the demographic of events at the City of Dothan facilities, the Civic Center and Opera House.
  4. The proposal will provide a detailed time schedule for when the spots will be aired.

Proposal due by August 31 to:

Performing Arts, Civic Center/Opera House
126 N. Saint Andrews Street
Dothan, Al. 36303
Contact person: Marshall Perry
(334) 615-3171

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