East Village Association Issues Public Relations RFP

The goal of this Request for Proposal (RFP) is to find an outstanding partner to design an EVA informational pamphlet in simplified content management while meeting high standards for design quality and visual appeal. This easy-to-navigate pamphlet will be used to promote the EVA brand, better communicate with businesses and residents, as a user-friendly guide for municipal and business services, and as a two-way communication piece between the EVA and the public.


East Village Association, Inc. (EVA) represents San Diego’s largest downtown neighborhood encompassing 130 blocks between Seventh Avenue and 17th Street. Art and industrial neighborhood in transition, EVA is the non-profit organization that manages the East Village Business Improvement District (BID), which currently represents 700+ members and 15,000 residents, soon to triple in residential population. EVA’s mission is to support and promote neighborhood businesses and residents by establishing the community as San Diego’s livable urban village where people and the entrepreneurial spirit thrive through the distinct mix of arts, culture, education, and entertainment. More information:www.EastVillageSanDiego.com

Scope of Work:

The team should be capable of providing the following services:

                • Develop and execute a marketing strategy that brands the East Village neighborhood,               increases quality business and residential lead generations, and maximizes Association    participation and business awareness.

                • Create a positioning strategy based on the optimization of the traditional marketing mix to      include product, placement, promotion, and price.

                • Construct a product that increases the public’s awareness of the East Village neighborhood to               include: demographics, residential services, and associated businesses.

                • Draft a pamphlet that provides a fresh, sophisticated, updated and user-friendly design.

The Consultant should have expertise in preparing public relations material to include comprehensive marketing strategy, brand strategy, market penetration, creative campaigns, and public relations.

Due Date:

July 16



Agencies with relevant experience includes Kite Hill PR and M Booth PR.

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