Just Out: The Edelman Global Entertainment Study

Just out, over two thirds of respondents to the “Edelman Global Entertainment Study” agree  watching and sharing entertainment on the Internet increased each’s sense of global connection. Also highlighted in the findings of the Edelman paper were behavioral similarities and differences where consuming entertainment are concerned.

From the Edelman study

From the Edelman study

Among the other key variables and findings within this study, Edelman’s people determined key elements for social media interaction, engagement trends, and differentiated and further outlined discrepancies in between traditional and emerging markets. Now in the seventh year, the study by Edelman in cooperation with MATTER, Inc. went farther afield than ever into markets in Brazil, China, Germany, India, Korea, and Turkey. Gail Becker, chair, U.S. Western Region, Canada and Latin America, Edelman, had this to offer with regard to the most recent survey:

“This year’s findings show that the need for shared entertainment experiences is truly global. Now more than ever, entertainment is fuelled by mobile and multiscreen access. This concept of ‘visual-tainment’ breaks down barriers, which increases people’s desire to share that content and experience with others – a trend that is particularly true in the emerging markets.”

One major finding the study unearthed was that people are looking for a more complete immersive and interactive entertainment experience. Overall, 70% of respondents to the survey enhanced their entertainment experiences by simultaneously using using other devices. Moreover, Jon Hargreaves, managing director, Technology, Edelman Europe described in brief a major component of the trends:

“More than ever, people are seeking out immersive experiences through entertainment. Developing countries are leading the way in creating great content and building the infrastructure to provide people with access that allows them to interact whenever and wherever they want. The popularity of PSY’s ‘Gangnam Style’ is a great example.”

As the king of entertainment devices, television is still the most popular means of consuming content by far, but other devices pave the way for interesting new means of interactive networking while enjoying content. Some additional findings of the study were:

  • 60 percent of people globally want to be able to watch content while simultaneously using a personal device to buy merchandise. India leads the trend with 80 percent of respondents wanting to engage in couch commerce.
  • Around the world, people rate “personal recommendations” as their top influencer of entertainment consumption (35 percent turn to a ‘real life’ friend or family member for recommendations).
  • In the U.S., the importance of being the first to enjoy new entertainment rose from previous years, with nearly half ranking it as a key spending driver (39 percent in 2013 vs. 17 percent in 2011).

The infographic below reveals a lot more about this version of conducted by research firm Edelman Berland groundbreaking yearly study.

The Edelman entertainment study

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